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‘Lucifer’ has been one of the most durable shows on Netflix. Here’s what fans wanted to see during season 5.

‘Lucifer’ season 5 on Netflix: What the fans want to see

Lucifer, you old devil, you! You were already named as the most binge watched show on Netflix of all time – then you snagged yourself a fiery renewal for a fifth season. The S5 order was a double-edged sword. In one stroke, what Netflix giveth was taken away: Netflix only ordered a single, stingy, final season. Of course the fans aren’t happy – and neither are we.

Although it seems this time Lucifer is ending rather than being cancelled, there are still so many stories to be told featuring the devil himself. While there’s a loud #SaveLucifer campaign happening – and even murmurings of a Lucifer feature – we wanted to take a break from all the politics and focus on the future of S5. We took a little break from our newsroom to sit down with the Lucifer fandom and ask them.

Hey, Netflix. After we’ve binged this current half-season of 'Lucifer', we need confirmation that y’all gonna give us more.

What are the Lucifer storylines you deeply desire for S5?

Adarsh Tripathi 

First I like to watch his relationship with his daddy. Then I’d like to understand any physics, chemistry or biology between Chloe & Luci so we can learn why they are drawn to each other.

Nefeli-Sotiria Sinou 

I want an explanation about the connection between Chloe & Lucifer. And . . . I admit it, I want them to end up together, like forever, by a miracle or something.

Christie Finch

I’d love to get more backstory and learn the reason Chloe was essentially created for Lucifer. My ideal ending for the series would be that she is able to spend eternity with Lucifer – whether that be as “Queen of Hell” or that a replacement is found for Lucifer and they can come and go from Earth to the silver city. 

Of course she wouldn’t leave Trixie, but in the grand scheme of eternity, Trixie will be grown up in no time. Lucifer deserves a happy ending. I don’t see Chloe as the Queen of Hell type, so I’d guess it would need to be the latter– which would be fine with me as long as they are together in the end.

Elida Jashari 

If there is going to be a Lilith I am very interested to know how they are going to portray her. Also is there going to be an archangel Michael? The one who threw Lucifer in hell forever is there going to be such a character? Little Charlie? Is his life going to be in danger? 

We want to see the characters become more earthly (they already are) and tackle more real life problems but we want them to be more angelic or demonic at the same time. I want Ella and Dan to know the truth in the most funny terrifying way. I don’t want the series to lose its funny touch. 

I have a hard time finding a solution for Lucifer and Chloe together but the writers can surprise us. Who knows what else hides in her miracle character that is yet to be revealed. I want Maze to finally show how sweet and sensitive she is but never lose her fierce demonic side. 

Is there going to be a great love for Maze? I do not want a return of Eve. How is Lucifer’s character going to evolve after returning from hell and showing his love to Chloe? We as always want a funny, sophisticated, eloquent and even a terrifying Lucifer who finally finds his place in the world. We want to see a super mommy Linda who is always a great “doctor”. We want to see more angels & demons coming for one reason or another. 

You see, with all that I have in mind a season 5 with just 10 episodes is not enough. But I am all ears and eyes to know how the writers are going to shrink it up wonderfully in just 10 episodes. You have a hard and amazing job.

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Warren Vitcenda 

I’m hoping/looking for some smart theological twist that is both plausible regarding religious tradition but also dynamic against that tradition. A big big request, I know. But still, could you pull it off?

Céline Aumoine 

I want Lucifer to sing and dance again. I want Hell to be so boring with a depressed Lucifer, that the demons ask him to leave the place and go back amongst the living.

Costel Toma 

Mostly, I want things to happen as they did till now. Talking about the jokes, drama and so on. At first, I didn’t think one sec that I would love this series.

Janice Kirk 

I love that I’ve learned so much that I didn’t know from Lucifer all about his brothers and sisters, Lilith and Adam, the Goddess of all Creation . . . so interesting as well as brilliantly entertaining. I’m sure the writers will make Season 5 epic!?

Courtney Byler 

I want to see Deckerstar have a baby together!

Amanda Kelly 

I want Lucifer to finally get the happiness he deserves. He deserves happiness and he deserves to be with the one he loves and that loves him back.

Stephanie Corcino

In addition to what has been already said, I’m curious to know the story behind Lucifer’s ring that he always wears on his right hand.

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Pat Brooks 

It is time to let Trixie grow up. The last few episodes it was clear that they were making her look younger than she is.

Cristina Anca 

Lots of steamy scenes with Lucifer & Chloe.. After 4 seasons of unreleased tension! 

Michelle Rona Chiba 

For Maze to have a soul. A Deckerstar love scene for sure and also for us to meet other angels.

Alaina Pack 

All the characters have a story to tell, even the ones we lost along the way. Pierce for instance, his story would be very interesting. 

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Laura Todd Johnson 

Have Cleo go to hell to be with Lucifer or have Cleo be the one to get Lucifer out of hell. I’d love to see Luci & Cleo go on honeymoon. 

Roula Mitrou 

Lucifer finally solves his daddy issues and a lot of epic scenes with those angelic wings wide open.

Victoria Elizabeth Roberts 

Ok, Lucifer & Chloe get together. Lucifer makes a deal with one of his siblings, that he’ll take over hell again when Chloe dies. Anyway, fast forward to when Chloe dies of old age. As we know God never “tells” anyone anything. So he shows her the pearly gates/heaven and then alternatively a heartbroken Lucifer sitting on his throne in hell. 

Dan & Maze become partners in a Bounty Hunting Company. And someone else had a good idea on this forum, Luci and Chloe help guilty souls get into heaven. Main thing Deckerstar.

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David Harrison Hopkins II 

I want to see Lucifer find a way to be with Chloe forever. His immortality and being banned from the silver city is a pretty big issue. I want to see Ella & Detective Douche learn the truth. And I think a catch up scene where Lucifer explains all the crazy shit he’s done for her that she wasn’t capable of believing at the time.

Monika Ullian 

For Tom to sing “Wicked Game” on the show . . . or whatever else he’s been working on.

Christie Yukigami

I would really love to hear a piano version of “Wicked Game”.

Victoria Elizabeth Roberts

Maybe he has a piano in hell and he’s singing “Wicked Game”, heartbroken, knowing he’ll never see her again. (We know different!)

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Heather Hauenstein 

I personally would love to see Chloe get shot/dying then praying to Samael (Amenadiel told her how to). She does and causes Lucifer to return to save her with a feather. When he saves her both Ella & Dan happen to see him toss around bad guys with his wings & rescue Chloe. He takes her back to his penthouse so she completely recovers. Dan & Ella don’t tell Lucifer they know his secret but have to deal with now knowing.

Sherri Houtz 

The apocalypse happens and everyone must sort where their eternal soul resides.

Rikki Atchison 

Ok I’m a bit of a perv but I kinda want to see Maze seduce Chloe.

Kara Holloman 

I want to meet Maze’s mom! Bring me Lilith.

Christine Berni 

Definitely Chloe & Lucifer have to get a happily ever after. I’d also love to see Michael, Lucifer’s twin brother, therefore also played by Tom Ellis but looking and acting very different.

Estel Msl 

I want Luci & Chloe get married or are together forever on earth or in hell.

Lisa M Waswil Burke 

My deepest desire is to have more seasons

Lance Clark

Lucifer struggling in hell after his time on earth has changed him.

Donna Owens 

I want a maze spinoff.

Jessica Stewart 

What if he didn’t really go to hell and it was all a dream?

Chloe never said she loved him. And she did marry Pierce and they are having twins who grow up to have one kill the other like Cain did Abel.

Charlie grows up on earth.

Trixie becomes a bounty hunter like Maze.

Lucifer gets with someone who isn’t Chloe. 

Adam comes to find Eve.

A Lilith appearance would be nice as well

Zarah Joy Erencio 

Luci suffered in hell and praying to God to send him again on earth to be with Chloe and others. I want Ella & Daniel to see who Lucifer really is and accept him.

Alessandra Spaulding 

Lucifer and Chloe together from the first or second episode, solving crimes. I would also like to see Lucifer back in therapy with Linda, to cope with his new status of Chloe’s boyfriend. Ella and Dan should know the truth about Lucifer in the fifth or sixth episode.

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Denise Niemuth 

A SIXTH SEASON. A kiss that makes a tear, at least one gratuitous sex scene, the detective to ask Lucifer what he desires, maybe Charlie’s wings getting clipped to protect him.

David Friend 

Everybody loves crossovers. RiverdaleThe Chilling Adventures of Sabrina are full of opportunities for the filling of plot holes and audience attraction.

Jeanette Dorrien 

I never want to see Eve again. She poisoned Lucifer and her character is fraudulent. She was actually the only character I would fast forward until she wasn’t in the scene.

Elisa Wardman

Lucifer & Chloe to be together, have a baby cousin for Charlie. As Chloe is Lucifer’s gift from dad so they should be together. Maze find someone special. Dan and Ella get together.

Lynne Hartley Brummitt 

Want to see Charlotte back (pregnant) with Dan’s child and live next door to Amenadeal & Linda

Elina Harper 

After a tragic breakup with Lucifer, I think Chloe should find out she’s pregnant with his baby.

Pat Alicante

I want to let Chloe know all of the sacrifices that Lucifer made for her. Especially when he went and died for her, he went back to hell for her. More Angel siblings!

James Jensen 

Eve to meetup with both Cain and Abel . .. and maybe an appearance of Adam

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Lydia Hodgson 

Luci in a kilt.

Thomas Lundy 

Finally just to let Chloe & Lucifer be together.

And maybe give God a proper character and provide Lucifer with some of the answers to properly close the series.

Caitlyn Ciochetto

Just for Lucifer & Chloe to be happy. I know it’s cheesy but I want that scene at the end where they kiss and Trixie laughs when she sees them with a “I knew it all along” look on her face. I also want to see them play monopoly together again.

Theresa Paez

I want Chloe & Dan to reunite and Lucifer to be Lucifer in hell.

Candice Kerrick Winkler 

Lucifer & Chloe in bed, both sweaty, and him looking amazed/confused/blush because she does in fact have moves that made the Devil blush.

Interviews edited and abridged for clarity

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