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Is the multiplex cinema experience dead, or just changing? Are the recent decade lows in box office returns just a turning point for the industry?

'One Day at a Time' was recently given the old heave-ho by Netflix. We spoke to fans and Latinx & LGBTQI experts about why the show must go

The second season of the darkly humorous Netflix/Channel 4 series 'The End of the F***ing World' is on its way. At the end of August the good news

With a storm of feminine voices brewing over at Marvel we’ve got one question for Kevin Feige: why’re you doing Jessica dirty?

Haven’t cracked open 'Russian Doll' yet? Keep reading to discover all the reasons why Netflix’s latest original series is worth rewatching.

'Star Trek Discovery' loses its only watchable character in the latest interstellar fiasco.

Wash away the hangover of your Academy Award-themed watchparty, and get ready to bingewatch with another week of prestige dramas, and promising new comedies.

If you can’t get enough of Krysten Ritter and the rest of Jessica Jones' stellar cast, make sure to check out all their best previous and upcoming work.

It’s only February and Netflix has started with a strong head start on its competition. If you’ve been impressed so far, you ain’t seen nothing yet.