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It turns out that RuPaul is really not taking any breaks, as he will also be in an upcoming animated Netflix Original series. Which role will he play?

'Money Heist' part 5 is less than two months away. Make sure you're ready by catching up on all the show's latest details with us right here.

'Love is Blind' is back, and with the same cast. Discover where they are now along with all the drama in the newly released 'After the Altar' trailer.

From the creators of 'Lucifer' comes a live-action show like no other. If you wanna be the very best, catch the latest about the new 'Pokémon' series.

'Stranger Things'’s Millie Bobby Brown shot to fame with her leading role as Eleven on the hit Netflix series. Could she finally be saying goodbye?

'Lucifer' season 6 sets its release date. See what we know about the final season of the beloved Netflix show.

It's official! 'Lucifer' is getting another season. See how fans are celebrating the surprise return of this beloved Netflix show with memes!

After the suspenseful cliffhanger that ended season 3, 'Virgin River' fans can hardly wait for what comes next. Who's returning for season 4 will shock you!

The hit Netflix TV show 'Outer Banks' dropped more juicy deets in their latest trailer. See what else is in store before season 2 premieres.