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Prior to the amazing renewal news, we spoke to a bunch of diehard 'Lucifer' fans. Here’s why the fandom wanted #RenewLucifer on Netflix.

‘Lucifer’ renewed on Netflix: Here’s why the show deserved it

Lucifer, you old devil, you! Not only did you just go and get named the most bingewatched show on Netflix – not bad for a show that had to be saved from cancellation by hordes of loyal Lucifans just last year – you also went and got yourself renewed.

A joint statement from co-showrunners Joe Henderson and Ildy Modrovich stated: “We’re thrilled that Lucifer fans around the world have embraced this series on Netflix, and we can’t wait to give them the big finish they’ve all been waiting for. We are so incredibly thankful to Netflix for resurrecting our show last season, and now letting us finish the story of Lucifer on our terms.

“Most importantly, we want to thank the fans for their incredible passion and support. The best is yet to come!!”

So that’s the good news. Ready for the bad news? Apparently the Netflix renewal is only for a fifth and final season! Before we pick up the campaign to #SaveLucifer again, we think it’s probably a good idea to celebrate what we’ve gained for now (one more season).

Following an outcry from fans so loud you could hear it from the seventh circle of hell, last August Netflix picked up fantasy police procedural Lucifer for a fourth season, which dropped on Wednesday, May 8th.

Swooping in like a guardian angel, Netflix saved the show from a fate worse than death after Fox axed Lucifer in what can only be described as a baffling strategy for its 2018-2019 schedule, having cut Brooklyn Nine-Nine and Ghosted from its slate earlier in the year as well.

Darling Netflix: thanks for granting us that one more favor. With viewing figures like these, it’s not surprising that you renewed our favorite show. According to TV Time’s Binge Report, Lucifer hit the top spot within a mere seven days of dropping.

That beat HBO’s second-to-last Game of Thrones episode by nearly 10%. While we agree Netflix would have been cray-cray to let Lucifer go, we’re still grateful for their decision even though we believe only one extra season is pretty stingy.

Lucifer has one of the most determined fandoms in the known universe and season 4 is universally loved by critics and newbies alike. We really don’t understand why Netflix had to make us wait. Based on sunk costs and the runaway success of season four, it was always highly likely Netflix would renew Lucifer. But like the good satanists we are, we’re really glad we’ve got confirmation now.

Apparently, Lucifer’s showrunners have an amazing fifth season planned. While the news that Lucifer will end with S5 is disheartening, we’ve thought for a while now that Warner Bros. might be priming Lucifer to be one of the core shows for their new streaming service. We fervently believe Lucifer will live on past S5 – but like good satanists, we’re ready for this next season on Netflix.

Tom Ellis recently described his new home with Netflix. “We can swear if we want to, we can show more flesh. It’s not gratuitous but it’s fun. We might push it an extra 10 percent, but it hasn’t become a different show at all.”

Prior to the amazing renewal news, we spoke to a bunch of diehard Lucifer fans. Here’s why the fandom wanted Netflix to #RenewLucifer.


Lucifer highlights the ins and outs of friendship, family, rejection, acceptance all with powerful characters who have an ability to bring you into their feelings.  You feel connected to them and their story; you see your story in their story. Also, the questioning of faith and fate plays a large part in the show for me.

The other thing that makes Lucifer so special is the Lucifam, who came together to save the show and help each other in so many ways.


Everything makes Lucifer special, but if I have to pick one, it’s the fandom which is so tolerant and welcoming. The cast and crew obviously have a lot of fun making this show.

Agent Deckerstar

Lucifer is directly supported by incredible female characters. Chloe is a detective, workaholic, divorced single parent living in an apartment. Mazikeen is a strong warrior-demon. Linda is middle-aged, intelligent, and incredibly loyal. Ella is a scientist, but still silly and a woman of faith.

Not to mention, Lucifer himself is such a complex character: full of love, which really makes you think about what makes someone evil. Truthfully, humanity is more evil than Lucifer himself.

Another thing that makes the show so intensely special is the unbelievable love that gets poured from the cast to the fans. We were dubbed the “little show that could” – but it turns out there are millions of people who are obsessed with this show.

Frankie Levine

Lucifer is perfect television. It’s a police procedural that’s anything but procedural. It keeps us at the edge of our seats. While it explores important issues, there’s always a sense of fun. The fandom helped me through times of stress – I really have found a great home in the Lucifan.

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