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Prior to the amazing renewal news, we spoke to a bunch of diehard 'Lucifer' fans. Here’s why the fandom wanted Netflix to #RenewLucifer.

Here’s what 'Shadowhunters' means to the ShadowFam. We hope there’s a network out there willing to listen and to save for the following reasons.

We spoke to some of the show’s superfans to find out what 'The OA' means to them and how they plan to fight Netflix’s decision to cancel it

Even considering its cancellation, 'Shadowhunters' managed to nail one of the highest live/same-day viewership figures for the finale. #SaveShadowhunters!

Seems the writers forgot exactly why 'Veronica Mars' was so special. Here’s why, in fans’ words, 'Veronica Mars' S4 is a major disappointment.

Here’s why we and the 'Gotham' fandom ship hard for Nygmobblepot, and why these fantastic felons are anyone’s perfect gateway into 'Gotham'.

In anticipation of the long-awaited premiere of season 3B, we asked some dedicated 'Shadowhunters' fans about their experiences with the show.

It’s time to #SaveShadowhunters. Let the 'Shadowhunters' fans speak once again, and let Freeform know what they’re taking away from dedicated viewers.

We’ve got plenty of ideas on how 'Gotham' could be saved, but today we’re focusing on what the fans think of the show. TV execs: prick up your