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Hot girl group Red Velvet has taken the K-pop world by storm. Here's a look into the life of popular vocalist Wendy.

Nicolas Cage's new movie is eerily similar to the video game franchise 'Five Nights at Freddy's'. Read all about the shocking similarities here.

The New Order iconic single "Blue Monday" was a major precursor to today's house music. What's Kurt Konnegut got to do with it?

Latest Quizzes

Which character of Netflix's Lucifer are you really? Dive into the pits of Hell with our Lucifer personality quiz to find out!

Time to prove you're the ultimate scholar of 'The Office' trivia. Take this quiz to see if you know everything about the sitcom.

'Stranger Things Season 4' is at last in production! Take our quiz and see if you can survive the Upside Down!

Expecto Patronum! Keep the dementors at bay and find out what your true Patronus is with our ultimate 'Harry Potter' quiz.

Latest Obsessions

Is Marvel using 'WandaVision' to bring Quicksilver back? Put your detective cap on and see what you make of this Spanish voice actor's now-deleted tweet!

Dr. Dre nos demuestra que el descanso es para los débiles mortales. Checa todos los detalles de la recuperación del rapero.

Harry Styles is soaring "Watermelon Sugar, HIGH" on Spotify charts right now. Read all about how this star is setting musical records left and right.

The crimes of Richard Ramirez are well documented in Netflix's Night Stalker series. Check out these LA serial killers that easily put him to shame.

Latest Craft

Diamond paint is an increasingly popular craft. We provide some helpful tips and tricks as to how to best approach it.

Are you looking for the best film locations? Learn what David Ebrahimzadeh has to say about production property rentals.

Running out of things to do while quarantining? Get ready to craft some ingenious space doohickeys with the help of this creative guide!

There's an artistry that goes into event management. Here are some useful decoration ideas for management companies.

Latest Indie Film

Alireza Kazemipour wrote the script for the new thriller 'Into Schrödinger’s Box'. Learn more about the film and Kazemipour's career here.

'The Thought of Death' is the new film by director Braeden Hall. Learn more about the director and the haunting short here.

Indie film director and writer Blake Ridder knows how to keep you on the edge of your seat. Read why you need to see his new film 'HELP'.

Guess who's back and better than ever? Beloved actor Brendan Fraser is ready to capture our hearts in his new film 'The Whale'. Read all the deets here.

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