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Here’s everything you need to know before the February 1st Hulu premiere of Anthony Meindl's drama, 'Where We Go From Here'.

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These days, filmmakers like Jordan Peele ('Get Out') and Gerard McMurray ('The First Purge') are utilizing woke horror tropes to explore societal issues.

Here’s our ranking of the thirteen best moments from the 'Child’s Play' franchise that have kept us returning to the franchise for the past few decades.

After three beautiful, savage, and wickedly horny seasons of gourmet cannibalistic delights, Hannibal was cancelled by NBC in June 2015 due to low ratings.

'Batwoman' may be in its freshman season, but 'Crisis on Infinite Earths' had a game-changing twist thrown at Kate Kane. Here's our S1E11 recap.

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We’re turning our attention to the scariest horror screenplays so you can find out how to bring the chills with your writing skills.

Socio is a singer known for his unique pop R&B sound, poetic lyrics, smooth vocal delivery, and impressive range; bringing his melodic sound to the masses.

We love the escapism of a good horror film. If you want to write a truly great blood-curdling horror, these are the essentials you need to understand.

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Here’s everything you need to know before the February 1st Hulu premiere of Anthony Meindl's drama, 'Where We Go From Here'.

George Henry Horton moves from the indie production and into the bigger budget production of 'Project Dorothy'. Here's our interview with Horton.

In his directorial debut 'The Happy', Parekh tells the story of Par, a heartbroken man new to LA with some spiritual issues as well. Here's what we know.

The Snack Pop Oreo Cookie Pop treats were too irresistible to pass up at the EW pre-SAG Awards party. SAG stars went popcorn crazy.

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