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Who knew that 'The Ellen DeGeneres Show' tickets came with so many rules when you’re in the audience? Let's take a look at the crazy rules.

'Masters of Sex' was unfortunately cancelled in 2016. Check out some of the hottest, yet most realistic, sex scenes here.

Ellen DeGeneres is mean. What does this mean for her career? Australian TV isn’t even sure if they’re going to keep airing her show. Here's why.

Ellen DeGeneres is facing serious scrutiny for her mean reputation – but will 'The Ellen Show' be cancelled? Here's what WarnerMedia has to say.

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You've definitely wondered who you're most like from 'Tiger King'. Are you more Carole Baskin, Jeff Lowe, or Joe Exotic? Take our quiz and find out!

We know you spent too much time watching 'Friends', so how well do you know the most iconic relationship? Test your Ross and Rachel relationship knowledge.

Summer time is finally here, but it looks a lot different thanks to COVID-19. Take our quiz to get an idea of how to spend your 2020 summer.

Since the release of season 4, you’ve rewatched 'Money Heist' more times than you can count on your hand. Put your knowledge to the test with our quiz.

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'Masters of Sex' was unfortunately cancelled in 2016. Check out some of the hottest, yet most realistic, sex scenes here.

'Grey’s Anatomy' has been on the airwaves for nearly two decades. Here are five of our favorite sex scenes from the show.

Is the Kardashian family kissing their friendship with Ellen goodbye? Learn about how one little t-shirt sale could cause a big fallout.

Insult comic Jeff Ross is now the latest comedian accused of sexual assault. Here's what we know about the accusations.

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'My Brothers & Friends' directed by Noah Marks is a film which sets out to explore the societal pressures affecting young adults.

Need a new action movie to watch? Check out 'Killing Ray Yamamoto' by Blake Jarvis; an action comedy you won't forget.

Here is everything you need to know about the feature length film 'Invisible Man in the Mist' directed by Siyuan Zeng.

Curious about the director of 'The Playground'? Here's everything you need to know about Kevin V. Tudor and his career.

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Award winning filmmaker Carlos A. Hurtado has recently been honored with back to back nominations for his latest music video.

'But She's My Best Friend' is revolutionizing the TV comedy by taking the boring old "roommates" cliches and breathing new life into them.

Michael Carnick has already had quite a successful career, and he's not stopping anytime soon. His new film, 'Obsidian Dolls' is taking on faith.

Director Judith Ehrlich has spent plenty of time covering the Vietnam War, but her new documentary 'The Boys Who Said NO!' shows a new perspective of it.

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