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There’s so much to watch, but so little time! Here are some series you may want to add to your summer 2020 binge list.

The first ten episodes of the 'Gossip Girl' reboot were scheduled to be released later this year on HBO Max. Here's what we know.

Toronto based rapper, X Li has us hooked on what he’s been keeping busy with. Here's everything you need to know about X Li and what he's up to.

Live-action production for both movies and TV programs has halted almost everywhere. Here are the expected release dates for Disney movies.

Latest Quizzes

Jason Mendoza of 'The Good Place' has clearly proven himself as the ultimate fictional Florida Man. But can you tell his quotes apart from real Florida Men?

We’ve decided to celebrate the arrival of 'New Girl' with a much-needed quiz. Test your knowledge about the gang alongside friends & family.

Florida Man is truly as exotic as unicorns and Bigfoot, except he's real and usually from Jacksonville. Take our quiz and see if you can match the headline.

Will you hit the bullseye with our Arrowverse quiz? Travel to this DC multiverse and take on your favorite characters' greatest foes.

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Live-action production for both movies and TV programs has halted almost everywhere. Here are the expected release dates for Disney movies.

As the internet continues to obsess over 'The Untamed' (and us too), we just want to remember the other great BL dramas out there to enjoy.

Mary Bell was a 10 year old girl who murdered two toddlers. But after years of abuse prior, is she truly a murderer, or just a victim of her situation?

'Long Time No See' may have come out three years ago, but it still holds up as the assassin BL story we didn't know we needed.

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Hollywood will surely soon create tech-savvy and action-driven characters using online casinos in movies. Here are cringey gambling scenes in movies.

Watch how everything changes when your supervisor requests a movie review essay. Here's everything you need to know about writing your review.

It’s never too late to go back to school or at least go back to class. Make the most of quarantine with these free online courses.

Films are enjoyed internationally, which means a talented team of people are required to translate film . Here's how that works in the moviemaking business.

Latest Indie Film

Kevin Williams is breaking onto the scene with extremely personal films. Learn more about what inspired him to create 'Beautifully. Love. Dark.'

Robert Goose Scott has been telling stories across film and theater for years. But his latest short 'A Clean Sleep' is something special.

Experimental filmmaker Samantha Casella has taken it to a new level with her latest short film 'To a God Unknown'. Read more on her new piece.

Indie filmmaker Srishti Chhabria has been on the scene for a while, but her latest project 'Incriminating Mary' is a new kind of film for her.

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