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Are you asking yourself: what Little Miss character am I? Take our quiz and find out exactly which Little Miss you are today.

Little Miss 2023: What Little Miss character am I?

It’s impressive how many new Littles Misses the TikTok era is giving birth to from meme videos, our favorite is definitely Little Miss manipulator. Other iconic new Little Misses are Seasonal Depression, Hates Going Outside, Iron Deficiency, A Little Too Obsessed With Stranger Things, and Miss indecisiveness. Frankly, anything is Little Miss material if you get creative enough. 

Honestly, we’re way more complex than an internet test, although it’s always fun and even useful to have certain archetypes to hold on to. Let’s have in mind that we’re more likely to be a combination of more than one, also, results can change depending on our mood and the emotional context we’re in. Which Little Miss Character do you identify the most?

But first, let’s take a small refresher on the actual Little Misses before TikTok distorted them and made them more fun. Some of the original girls are Little Miss Neat, Little Miss Bossy, Little Miss Energy, Little Miss Helpful, and Little Miss Sunshine. Yet remember there’s a Little Miss for each situation and some of them are similar to each other. 

Little Miss Quiz: Which Little Miss character are you?

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