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Netflix removing its free trials is pretty annoying. Was it an easily exploitable system? Yes. But it was also good to have for when there was just one

The Nielsen Company has released new data showing that 'Lucifer' is the top show on Netflix. Check out the latest numbers from Netflix.

Tom Ellis, best known for his work in 'Lucifer', has what we truly desire. His eye-wear is off the charts awesome, so we tried to find dupes.

Mazikeen is, without a doubt, the most badass demon in 'Lucifer'. Need proof to see just how badass Maze is? You've come to the right place.

It’s 2020 & we’re all looking for an escape. Here’s our list of some of the most watchable Netflix TV shows for this fall.

There's been a lot of confusion around when exactly the show 'Lucifer' will end for good. Is season 6 truly the last one fans will see?

'Lucifer' released the first half of its long-awaited season 5 on Netflix. Here are all the very best moments from the latest 'Lucifer' season.

'Lucifer' season 5 will drop its first eight episodes in about a week! Here's how you should prepare for those kick-ass Maze moments.

If you haven’t watched the series on Netflix, then maybe these photos of Lucifer Morningstar will make you consider giving 'Lucifer' a chance.