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As 'Lucifer' anthropologists, we’ve trawled fandom groups, message boards, and even Twitter to discover which Lucifer TV show episodes are the very best.

The best episodes of Netflix TV show ‘Lucifer’, ranked

It turns out Lucifer is not only the king of Hell, he’s also the king of Netflix. After quickly becoming the most bingewatched show on Netflix thanks to the long-awaited fourth season, Lucifer has one more season left before it fades back into the inferno. 

We’ve already written exhaustively on mourning the loss of our beloved Mr. Morningstar and why we deserve to see him return for more seasons. But not everything has to be sad; there’s plenty to celebrate with such an addictive show. So we’ve taken on the difficult task of ranking the top ten episodes of all four seasons. 

As dedicated Lucifer anthropologists, we’ve trawled editorial, fandom groups, and message boards and even took to Twitter to discover which Lucifer episodes are the very best. If you disagree with us, hit us up and tell us what your favorite episode is and why we need to add it to this list.

If you’ve been living under a rock and still haven’t caught up on Lucifer S4, be warned: spoilers abound.

10. “The Angel of San Bernardino”

This may not have been on many Lucifer top ten lists, but fans still talk a lot about this episode. Maybe it’s getting to experience the beauty of sleep-deprived Lucifer that keeps this a fan favorite. It’s also the first episode where we really get to start seeing Pierce’s true colors as Cain – and the interrogation room scene in this episode gives us chills to this day!

9. “A Priest Walks into a Bar”

Who doesn’t love some season one character development? The minute we meet Lucifer, he’s introduced as a cocky, sarcastic, yet suave gentleman. But underneath all that sass is true compassion for those around him, like Chloe, Trixie and even Dr. Martin. This is the first episode in which we get to see him emotional and caring, rather than hiding behind snide remarks.

8. “Who’s da New King of Hell?” 

This isn’t the last season finale you’ll see on this list. It’s hard not to love the twists & turns that end every season. The fourth season finale led to a fight against demons to determine who would take Lucifer’s place on the throne. Anyone rooting for Luci & Chloe got a somewhat satisfying ending, though it’s gonna be hard for them to stay together with the Lord of the Flies going back to hell.

7. “Off the Record”

The entire episode is just a time loop of Reese in hell? Talk about a good twist. Reese’s reaction to finding out that Luci is who he says he is is such a great moment, especially when very few people actually take Luci seriously when he says he’s Satan. Plus, that one year montage is so funny.

6. “Pilot”

The one that started it all. There are many top scenes in this episode that it’s hard to pick one moment to love about this pilot: Luci saving Chloe’s life, any moment with Luci and Linda being kinky, Maze calling out Luci for going soft, Luci & Trixie becoming buddies. Lucifer truly started out with a bang and it’s because of this great first episode.

5. “Quintessential Deckerstar”

The tragic end to Charlotte’s season three arc, this episode catapults us right into what was almost the series finale. Maze & Pierce together form a bittersweet combo that ultimately cause Charlotte’s death. Plus, watching Amenadiel regain his wings and bring Charlotte to Heaven after her nightmares of Hell is tragically beautiful.

4. “A Good Day to Die”

You go to confront your girlfriend about the possibility she’s a miracle made by God for you and find out she’s been poisoned – just your average Tuesday in Luci’s world. Seeing how far he’s is willing to go to save Chloe, even returning to Hell for her, makes this a special episode. Plus, “A Good Day to Die” shows how amazing Charlotte, and more specifically Tricia Helfer, have been as additions to an already spectacular cast.

3. “The Good, the Bad, and the Crispy” 

After watching the search for the pieces of the Blade all season, it all culminates into a fight for Charlotte’s life – talk about an intense season finale. Watching Dan realize human Charlotte doesn’t remember their time together is heartbreaking, and the mystery of Luci being in the desert with his wings back is so interesting and a great lead into season three.

2. “Save Lucifer”

Seeing Luci go full devil is something that truly only could’ve been done with that Netflix budget, showing us why this show deserves to thrive in the streamingverse. Plus, as much as we all root for Chloe & Luci, it’s unfair to ignore the other great pairing from this episode: Maze & Eve. Maze being overprotective of her and making sure she stays safe is beyond adorable.

1. “Devil of My Word”

Assuming you don’t count S4, this was the ending Fox wanted to give us and man is it good. Finally, Luci shows Chloe his devil face and she finally believes who he is. Pierce (Cain) is punished for his crimes and goes back exactly where he belongs, Hell. Though we’re glad we got an answer to that cliffhanger and get to continue seeing Luci and Chloe together, at least this would’ve made for wonderful ending.

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