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Lucifer Morningstar will solve his last case in the upcoming final season of 'Lucifer'. Be bad and reminisce on the most devilish moments of the hit show.

Deciding whether to dive into an original streaming series can be tough, which is where we come in. Should you be keeping up with the TV show 'Lucifer'?

It's hard to believe that it has been over twenty years since the original 'X-Men' movie came out from Marvel. But just how hard was Hugh Jackman brutalized?

Guys, gals, and non-binary pals – this is not a drill! A 'New Girl' reunion could be in the works! Will we see more of Nick and Jess's

The hit singing competition 'American Idol' has certainly had some impressive winners over the years, like Carrie Underwood and Fantasia. Learn our favs!

No matter the show, some fans refuse to let it die. Hop in the Batmobile and dive into why the campaign for 'Gotham' season 6 is still going

Sorry, 'Prodigal Son' fans, the Fox drama isn't going anywhere beyond season 2. See why the thriller got the ax this year and what could be replacing it.

Who’s that girl? It’s Jess! Get ready to laugh and eventually cry as we go through our favorite characters and their best moments from 'New Girl'.

A brand new comedic sitcom from Mike Schur is finally in the works for IMDb TV, and we can't wait. Find out all the exciting details about it