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As we fast approach the savage TV wasteland of the middle of May, in which broadcast networks decide which shows to cancel and which ones to save, there’s

There aren’t enough snarky one-liners in the world to express how we feel about a potential 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer' reboot from Fox. At the INTV conference in

'The X-Files' is revered for its chilling collection of monstrous beasts & standalone episodes that offer a self-contained hour of terror. Ranked for your everlasting nightmares, here are

Here’s hoping you’ve kept the majority of March free, because your TV schedule is going to be stacked. Calendars at the ready, guys and girls – here’s every

Cinematographer Rachel Morrison has made history, having become the first female to be nominated for an Oscar award within the category. The nomination is to honor her work

Following the #MeToo movement and numerous Hollywood sexual harassment scandals, the sequel to the female-friendly superhero franchise 'Wonder Woman' will be the first to use recently published anti-sexual

Nicolas Cage was at his Nicolas Cagiest in the gory action movie 'Mandy', which premiered at this year’s Sundance Film Festival. Indiewire gave it a B+, describing Cage’s

Feeling spooky? 👻 We certainly are, because it’s time for the second instalment of supernatural comedy series Ghosted. Starring Adam Scott (Step Brothers) as a misunderstood scientist and

With news that Scandal and How to Get Away With Murder are to cross over in the near future, Murder creator Peter Nowalk sat down with Deadline to