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It's a peculiar display that has left fans scratching their heads. Look at the facts on Katy Perry's probable removal from 'American Idol'!

Why do ‘American Idol’ fans hate watching Katy Perry on the show?

It seems like the claws are out for Katy Perry as fans of “American Idol” are now calling for the removal of the pop star from the judging panel. The reason? A viral video showing Perry acting like a cat while wearing a tight-fitting leather suit. But is this the final straw for the “Smile” songstress? Let’s take a closer look at the controversy surrounding the judge and her role on the hit singing show.

Viral cat

In a video posted on the official “Idol” Instagram account, Perry can be seen alongside fellow judges Luke Bryan and Lionel Richie. As Richie jokingly refers to her outfit, calling her “cat woman,” Bryan adds fuel to the fire by playfully nicknaming her “Katy Purry.” 

Taking it all in stride, Perry jumps on her chair, extends her leg, and even mimics the movements of a cat with her hands. It’s a peculiar display that has left fans scratching their heads.

Perry’s antics didn’t stop there. She goes on to paw at Bryan’s shoulder, seemingly seeking attention from her co-judge, who appears to ignore her playful gestures. The video has left many fans feeling puzzled and questioning Perry’s behavior during the show. Some have even taken to social media, expressing their dissatisfaction and calling for her removal as a judge.

The reaction

The viral video has only intensified the existing backlash against Perry’s coaching methods. Fans have voiced their frustrations with what they perceive as provocative and possibly “rude” behavior from the “Part of Me” singer. 

Comments like “Can’t stand her” and “She’s ridiculous” flood social media platforms, indicating a growing discontent among the show’s audience. This isn’t the first time Perry has faced criticism during the season.

Earlier in the season, Perry found herself embroiled in controversy after seemingly mom-shaming a contestant who left the show to spend more time with her children. The singer’s dismissive attitude toward a eliminated competitor and accusations of psychological warfare further riled up fans. 

The discontent reached a peak when Perry was temporarily replaced by Alanis Morissette, prompting fans to start a petition begging the “Jagged Little Pill” singer to stay permanently.

Recent developments suggest that Perry may be ready to part ways with “American Idol.” She has expressed disappointment with the show’s producers, claiming they haven’t shown her loyalty and purposefully edited footage to paint her in a negative light. 

Katy Perry might be replaced by another California Girl if she keeps up with her act! Look at the latest controversy surrounding her and American Idol!

Imminent farewell?

A source close to Perry revealed that the singer feels betrayed and has contemplated leaving the reality show after her six-year stint as a judge. The controversy surrounding her role on “Idol” seems to have taken a toll on Perry, who just wanted to do her job and head home.

As fans continue to debate Perry’s fate on “American Idol,” the question remains: Will she ultimately decide to leave the show behind? The controversies, the backlash, and the constant scrutiny have undoubtedly taken a toll on the singer. Only time will tell if Perry chooses to walk away or if she’ll fight to stay in the spotlight.


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