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Explore how vaping became a trend among celebrities. From Leonardo DiCaprio to Paris Hilton, discover how stars are embracing this stylish, healthier choice.

Celebs Who Vape

Vaping Vogue: How Hollywood’s Elite Are Embracing the Trend

The world of celebrities is always under the microscope, with their lifestyle choices often becoming trends that ripple across the globe. In recent years, vaping has emerged as one of these trends, embraced by numerous celebrities. 

The reasons for this uptake are varied and multifaceted. For some celebs, as with you and me, it’s a step towards quitting traditional smoking, offering a healthier alternative with less nicotine and fewer harmful chemicals. For others, it’s a matter of convenience and discretion; vapes, particularly high-quality ones like the vapes at Vape Juice, produce less odour and can be used indoors, making them more adaptable to the hectic and mobile lifestyles of celebrities. 

Without further ado, let’s have a look at some of the top celebrities who vape.

Katy Perry

You’ve heard her roar – now, you’ll see her vape.

Known for her colorful and daring fashion choices, the pop sensation Katy Perry adds vaping to her list of trendsetting behaviors. She has been seen enjoying her vaping device at various high-profile events, showcasing her preference for a modern twist on traditional smoking.

Leonardo DiCaprio

A-list actor and environmental activist, DiCaprio has been one of the most high-profile celebrities to embrace vaping. Frequently photographed with his vaping device, including at prestigious events like the Oscars, DiCaprio’s choice reflects both a sense of style and a nod to health-conscious choices.

After all, Leo has always been known for being “in” with younger generations!

Tom Hardy

The critically acclaimed actor, known for his transformative roles and rugged charisma, has been spotted vaping on movie sets and in his personal time. Hardy’s vaping adds to his enigmatic and intense public persona, making it a part of his signature style.

Zayn Malik

The young music star, who rose to fame with One Direction and then as a solo artist, is often seen with a vape in hand. His embrace of vaping aligns with his contemporary and edgy image, appealing to a younger demographic that follows his every move.

Sienna Miller

The British-American actress, famous for her roles in both independent films and Hollywood blockbusters, brings an effortless elegance to vaping. Her chic style, often captured by paparazzi, often includes a sleek vaping device, blending seamlessly with her fashionable aura.

Jack Nicholson

The Shining? More like The Vaping!

The legendary actor, known for his iconic roles and distinctive personality, has been seen enjoying vaping during his leisure time. Nicholson’s adoption of vaping adds a modern touch to his classic Hollywood rebel image.

Katherine Heigl

The actress, who first gained fame in romantic comedies and later in drama series, has been an outspoken advocate for vaping. She famously introduced her vaping device on a talk show, discussing its benefits as a smoking cessation tool and as a healthier alternative.

Charlie Sheen

Known for his turbulent life and career, Sheen has been spotted vaping on numerous occasions. His shift to vaping is seen as part of his journey towards a more controlled lifestyle, reflecting a change in his personal habits.

If Charlie Sheen can quit smoking, then surely we all can?

Samuel L. Jackson

Jackson, an esteemed American actor known for his dynamic roles in films like Pulp Fiction or Star Wars, has been seen vaping both on and off the set, suggesting a personal preference for this alternative

Lindsay Lohan

Once a tabloid fixture for her personal struggles, Lohan has turned to vaping as part of her journey to reclaim her health and career. Her use of vaping devices is often viewed as a symbol of her commitment to making positive changes in her life.

Sarah Silvermann

The comedian and actress, known for her bold and unapologetic style, has also been seen vaping. Her choice to vape, often in public appearances, aligns with her image as a free-spirited and unconventional personality in Hollywood.


As public figures, celebrities have the power to influence societal trends and perceptions, particularly among young fans. And that is why we need to point out that many of these stars, like Charlie Sheen and Lindsay Lohan, were once synonymous with a rocky, tumultuous lifestyle. Their turn towards vaping is seen not just as a fad, but as a genuine effort to embrace healthier habits. 

This change is significant, as it not only impacts their personal well-being but also sets a positive example for their vast fanbases. It’s a move away from the harmful effects of traditional smoking, showcasing a commitment to longevity and health. 

This shift is a testament to the evolving nature of celebrity influence in the modern era, where public personas are closely intertwined with health and lifestyle choices.

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