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The theme for April is romantic heroes with poor decision-making skills. We start messed-up Byronic hero Hannibal Lecter from 'Hannibal' (Mads Mikkelsen).

After three beautiful, savage, and wickedly horny seasons of gourmet cannibalistic delights with Mads Mikkelsen, 'Hannibal' was cancelled by NBC in 2015.

Among the reboot mania engulfing us, one cry can be heard from deep within the tumult: bring Mads Mikkelsen & 'Hannibal' back for another serving.

Is there honor in killing? Ali Irsan's case featured in the 'Dateline' NBC episode "Deliberate Evil", asks that question.

Here are the top 'The Office' memes right now to get you through these dark times. Still not as dark as when Kevin spilled his chili all over

When Chris Smith embarked on his next adventure, it never occurred to his friends and family that he may never make it back home.

The story behind Heather Bogle's murder is disgusting, but the story behind the sheriff department's mishandling of her case is even more atrocious. Learn more about this crazy

The Dateline episode "The Halloween Party" leaves a bitter taste in our mouths every time we see it. Read more about what happened to the Michigan woman in

The problems of 'Ghosted’'s first season also reflect some of the overall challenges currently being faced by a television industry in flux.