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All eyes are on the WGA and AMPTP as they plan to convene. Will their next meeting be the deciding factor for the show's future?

Just how many of the ‘Dancing With The Stars’ cast are on strike?

Dance fans, do we have news for you! Will the ballroom lights of Dancing With the Stars dim due to some off-stage drama?

The glitz and glamour of Dancing With the Stars might be put on hold for a beat. Why? The WGA strike has many in the entertainment industry reassessing their commitments. Matt Walsh, who you know and love from Veep, is “taking a pause” from his planned appearance on the show.

 He’s not just an actor, he’s a member of WGA, SAG-AFTRA, and the DGA. When the WGA called the dance show “struck work,” he tapped out of his rehearsal immediately.

ABC’s Backup Plan

The bigwigs at ABC have been working on a plan B. With talent stepping back due to union pressures, there’s chatter of delaying the premiere. ABC’s line-up had a massive two-and-a-half-hour premiere slotted for September 26, with fans even getting a simultaneous experience on Disney+. But as the strike’s momentum builds, the show’s fate hangs in the balance.

Beyond the celebrity names and twirls, Dancing With the Stars is a production mammoth. Nearly 500 people, from producers to crew members, make the show come alive. So, it’s not just about a single writer or a celebrity cast, it’s a massive crew whose livelihoods are on the line.

To Dance or Not to Dance

Tensions are high. WGA members are picketing, leading to celebrities questioning their participation. Without its star-studded lineup, the dance show could face further complications. Think about it, a show built on its celebrity ensemble can’t dance around missing major stars. So while Matt Walsh’s exit is significant, if more follow his lead, we’re looking at a shaky start to the season.

Here’s some insider scoop: not all reality competition shows face the same pressure. While Dancing With the Stars employs a WGA writer, others like Fox’s The Masked Singer don’t. 

Thus, they can continue to entertain without facing criticism. Flashback to the 2007-2008 writers strike, and Dancing With the Stars managed to keep the rhythm going. Once the strike ended, they brought back their WGA member, suggesting they might follow the same steps this time around.

Waiting for the Next Move

All eyes are on the WGA and AMPTP as they plan to convene. Will their next meeting be the deciding factor for the show’s future? The clock is ticking, especially with the premiere date fast approaching. ABC was banking on this dance extravaganza to lead its fall schedule. But with so much uncertainty, a delay seems more and more probable.

So, ballroom enthusiasts, the question that’s hanging in the air: will our favorite stars grace the dance floor next week, or will the music be paused for a bit longer?

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