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Did Katy Perry plan a sexy show for King Charles’s coronation?

Katy Perry is set to perform at the highly anticipated Coronation Concert on May 7th, alongside an impressive lineup of stars including Take That, Lionel Richie, Andrea Bocelli, Welsh bass-baritone Sir Bryn Terfel, singer/songwriter Freya Ridings, and classical soul artist Alexis Ffrench. 

As a special honor for her performance, Katy will be allowed an exclusive sleepover in the royal residence of the 1,000-year-old Windsor Castle. The singer expressed her excitement for the “wild” stay, stating that she might be posting a lot because she’s going to be in a castle for real.

What got her in this royal cake of a celebration? Let’s dive into all the sexy details!

The coronation

The upcoming Coronation Concert, which will be attended by 20,000 members of the public and aired on BBC1 and Radio 2, promises to be an exciting event. According to the BBC, the concert will “celebrate a new chapter in the nation’s history” and feature themes of love, respect, and optimism. The celebration of the four nations and the Commonwealth will also be highlighted. 

That doesn’t mean Katy Perry is not allowed to be sexy, not one bit.

Throughout her career, Katy Perry has consistently pushed the boundaries with her fashion choices and performances. Her bold and sultry outfits have become a signature of her brand, from the iconic cupcake bra to the chandelier-inspired Met Gala look. As she continues to evolve as an artist and performer, fans eagerly await the new sexy looks she will bring to the stage.

Raucus performances

At the 2010 MTV Movie Awards, Katy Perry made a lasting impression with one of her earliest and most iconic sexy looks. Sporting a blue wig and a cleavage-baring metallic dress, the daring outfit showcased her curves and established her reputation as a fearless fashion icon. 

That same year, Katy Perry released the music video for her hit single “California Gurls,” which featured the singer donning a variety of skimpy and revealing outfits. Among these were the now-famous cupcake bra and whipped cream bikini, both of which contributed to the playful and provocative imagery that became a hallmark of her brand. It turned her into a sex symbol almost overnight.

Katy Perry continued to make waves at the 2019 Met Gala, where she donned a chandelier-inspired outfit consisting of a crystal-encrusted bodysuit and a flowing skirt made of dozens of hanging bulbs. The daring, elaborate, and innovative look further cemented her reputation as a fashion icon.

Perry’s accomplishments and involvement with the royal family have also garnered attention. She has met the King on multiple occasions, with their first encounter taking place in Mumbai in 2019 when he was still the Prince of Wales. The memorable meeting included the King requesting a selfie with the singer, a request he has not made before or since.

Royal history

Perry has collaborated with the King’s sons, Princes William and Harry, on their Heads Together mental health campaign, participating in an awareness video. She and her British fiancé, Orlando Bloom, now reside in Montecito as neighbors to the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

In February 2020, Katy Perry met with the King once more and was named the ambassador for the British Asian Trust. This announcement sparked controversy, as Perry is neither British nor Asian. Despite the backlash, the singer’s involvement in the royal family’s initiatives continues to make headlines.


If she wasn’t already one before, Katy Perry’s upcoming performance at the Coronation Concert, her exclusive sleepover at Windsor Castle, and her history with the royal family all in one go definitely cement her status as a pop icon in the UK. 

Her daring fashion choices, catchy music, and extravagant performances continue to captivate the historically uptight British crowd, and the royal family is clearly not above it either. As she enters this new phase of resurgence, it will be fascinating to see what else she has in her purse beyond that legendary cherry chapstick! 


What kind of photos do you think Katy will take during her sleepover? Let us know in the comments!

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