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2021 marks the twenty-fifth anniversary of the Pokémon franchise. Is Katy Perry collabing with the gaming franchise and singing songs?

A strange new collab: Katy Perry singing songs about Pokémon?

2021 marks the twenty-fifth anniversary of the Pokémon franchise. This year, The Pokémon Company International is teaming up with pop sensation Katy Perry. The singer is the headline of the P25 celebration. Katy Perry songs have been popular for many years now, so there’s no wonder why Pokémon picked her to be part of the quarter-century memories.

Not many details have been divulged about what Katy Perry songs will be released as part of the collaboration or what exactly Perry’s role will be. But we do know the partnership is being done through Universal Music Group. Pokémon will be releasing musical surprises throughout the year through P25 Music. According to a press release, P25 Music will feature “some of the biggest names in music”. 

Katy Perry, I choose you!

Perry was interviewed by PEOPLE about her collaboration with Pokémon. “I love being a part of anything that is playful and is good storytelling and has really good messages to share with the world,” said Perry. “Now having a child myself, I understand that it’s so important to play. This is a continued extension of who I am.”

Perry gave her reasons as to why she decided to collaborate with Pokémon. “In this moment of unknown, there are dependable places and characters and institutions and people, and I hope I can be one of them,” said Perry. “That’s what I hope for in my personal self, and even in my involvement with this collab.”

While most fans know Katy Perry songs, they often don’t consider her everyday life. Part of her life is traveling. PEOPLE said that in 2019, Perry went to The Pokémon Café in Japan. “It was amazing. It brought up all these wonderful childhood memories. I’ve been going to Japan since I was 17 every year and have always really loved everything that’s been created there,” she said.

Pokémon press release

The Pokémon Company International published a press release Wednesday to highlight some of what fans can expect from the P25 Music program with Katy Perry. P25 Music “accompanies fan-focused activations,” the company explained. More details about potential new Katy Perry songs and other music will come out throughout 2021. 

Perry was quoted in the press release discussing how Pokémon influenced her life and how much playing the games meant to her: “It is an honor to be chosen to help celebrate a franchise that has given me so much joy in the last 25 years, and to be able to watch it evolve in the ways it’s provided that kind of electric joy for the kids in my life and around the world.” 

Colin Palmer, vice president of marketing at The Pokémon Company International, discussed why the company decided to make Perry the headliner for the anniversary. In Katy Perry, we see a kindred spirit to Pokémon, whose world is bright, fun and uplifting,” said Palmer.

Fan reactions

Based on the responses to the official Pokémon Twitter account tweet about Perry’s collaboration, fans have mixed reactions. Some of them replied with pictures of artwork depicting Perry as a Pokémon character.

Other people seemed to question how much Perry knows about Pokémon. “What does Katy Perry have to do with Pokémon? Does she even play the game and love the franchise like we do. . . or is this just some Hollywood stunt that the Pokémon Company wants to initiate to look cool even if they don’t have to?” one Twitter user asked.

Many fans replied with memes & GIFs expressing confusion. Some were simply excited that they will get to see two of their favorite pop culture interests come together. “As a massive Katy Perry and Pokémon fan, I am SO HAPPY,” someone wrote.

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