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Whether blue, black, white, or silver, each Pokémon game is a new shade of fun. How well can you color in each generation in this Pokémon quiz?

Beyond Black and White: Test your ‘Pokemon’ generations knowledge

Some might think “enough is enough already” when it comes to Pokémon’s obligatory expansion of the Pokémon index (especially after they came out with Klefki – literally just a key.) Yet we can’t help but feel excited as each new generation brings a shiny new set of Pokémon, regions, moves, and abilities. 

Moreover, each new generation is released alongside excellent Nintendo Pokémon games. Whether blue, black, white, silver, or pearl, Pokémon keeps right on coloring their games a new shade of fun. After Black and White, of course, the whole color theme faded, bringing us Pokémon games X and Y, Sun and Moon, and Sword and Shield. 

Nevertheless, we must know: how well can you color in each Pokémon generation? Test your knowledge of the many generations in this immersive Pokémon quiz. Don’t forget to tell us if you’re the Pokémon expert you claim to be @FilmDailyNews

Journey through the generations with this Pokémon trivia!

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