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There are tons of cool backpack designs available to buy. Here are some of the best backpack ideas for movie fans.

After Pokémon announced news songs, Katy Kats are roaring about where Katy Perry's new single is. See when her Poké-single will appear here.

We’ve scoured Twitter for the best Pikachu & Pokémon memes. Here are the funniest memes if you're a lover of all things Pokémon.

Do you have a favorite Pokémon? Thanks to Ash Ketchum we know there's a lot more than just Pikachu. Here's the most popular Pokémon in the world!

'Animal Crossing' villagers are moving to Build-A-Bear workshop to become adorable plushies! Here’s what we know about Build-A-Bear's best crossover yet.

Chuck Norris is turning 81! Let's honor his particular brand of awesomeness by laughing at this collection of classic Chuck Norris jokes!

The Pokemon Company announced a handful of new games coming soon, including a return to the Sinnoh region. Check out more about the new games.

Will tomorrow's Pokemon Presents finally announced the long awaited 'Pokemon Diamond and Pearl' remake? Cross you fingers and hope with the rest of us.

Post Malone and Pokémon? Learn about Post Malone's upcoming concert celebrating the franchise's big birthday, and how you catch some merch here!