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Curious about life and the universe? Get existential with these memes

What is life, anyway? Everyday we’re dealt the big questions, as the world continues to throw curveball after curveball to us in our daily lives. 2020 & 2021 didn’t help many of us get closer to answers, as the world was turned on its head in the biggest way many generations have ever seen in their fragile little existences.

How do we cope with the fleeting nature of life which more often than not proves totally meaningless? Well, the answer is simple: dank memes, of course. We’ve scoured Twitter for the best memes about the big existential questions in life to help you feel less alone on this lonely spinning marble. Check out our favorites below, and let the void wash over you.

Struggle is real

Life ain’t easy. We all know this, and each day we’re reminded by the aching void of existence. This cut from Twitter’s memes about life captures the daily choice we all must make.

Life can seem meaningless, but sometimes to feel better we just need someone to work out our ideas with. This cut from Twitter’s memes shows us how we get by with a little help from our friends.

If you think too hard about life, you might end up with a brain buster like the one shown in this cut from Twitter’s existential memes. Trippy, man.

Speaking of trippy, you don’t get much headier than this existential Winnie the Pooh meme. Yikes.

Void lamentations

Millennials often get existential, and the vibe is usually dark as hell. This meme shows how other generations just don’t get it.

The past two years have made many of us get existential without even trying. Wait, what year is it?

Sometimes the existential dread makes us want to call it for the year. This cut from Twitter’s memes presents a product we could all use sometimes.

At the end of the day, though, what is a year anyway? Pikachu knows time is just a concept.

Void celebrations

Hey, sometimes the idea of life being meaningless is kind of comforting. What’s there to fear if nothing matters?

Furthermore, sometimes pondering life’s meaning is a downright good time. This Twitter user gets it.

Finally, when the existential dread gets us down, it’s nice to have one failsafe to fall back on. Thank god for this libido.

What’s your favorite way to cope with the void? Sound off in the comments below!

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