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Subverting Pokemon? Rnewelf is reborn as a new star This spring’s must-have TCG card game

Unlike the Japanese Pokemon receiving wizard trainers, Rnewelf reborn Monster advocated releasing Respawn natural elves to become resurrection mages.

It gives the player a whole new experience.


Rnewelf is a multiplayer trading card game where you apprentice as a mage and strive to become the ultimate resurrected Archmage

The goal of the game is to perfect a system that protects the Earth and balances the collection of Sprite respawn under mass extinction. To restore nature,

Regenerate your elf monsters to fight with you to build a new Earth.

From the powerful doomsday background to the action to use the law to regenerate the beautiful vision of life on Earth and obtain a different set of fairy cards in each turn, you feel the joy of saving and rebuilding the ecosystem for the first time.

Why do you like it?

Despite the large number of TCG cards, we were captivated by the game’s ancient strategic depth and clever epic spirit art, as well as the spirit world aesthetics of the different elements of the map’s architecture.

Face the earth ecocide crisis, receive the task of crisis. You will experience adventure, rescue, rescue, success and joy with your new pet. The journey of new life on Earth. Collect and regenerate them, accompany and share the joy of love and collection with your partners.

Learn the creation process from destruction to rebirth from the Rebirth Academy Card, and verify how the missions and abilities of the different elements of the identity card survive and destroy each other. Increases and reduces damage, maintains balance, regularity and growth.

How to play?

In Reborn Spirit, players randomly draw seven faction cards as they try to rebuild new life on Earth after the doomsday exhaustion of natural energy… Players start with resources (including original basic Sprite cards, items, statuses, coins, combat stats, etc.), shuffle cards at different deck positions each turn, draw cards, and their respective prep areas (optional).


Rnewelf is a multiplayer trading card game, so the goal is to build a system to protect the Earth and balance elf respawn collection, 7 classes of elf monsters to nature. As the game progresses, players who win more sprites will continue to rebuild Earth resources. With more resurrection bonus cards, more chances to win and restore balance. And with the defeat of the elves the ecological imbalance collapses.

Game over, offer three or more ways to win. Once you learn the ancient laws of nature. Sharing with your reborn monster is a joy of unparalleled abundance and creativity.

As one of the world’s largest palaces for genie product development, the company will launch its first generation of card games spring 2023 on the world’s largest crowdfunding platform Kickstarter

Unlock more than 60 energy sprites and protect the ancient map of the first storyline. In addition to the starter also includes college card, prop card and energy card fun card and more than 4 kinds of boosters 111 combination cards. Estimated hundreds of combination play and product matching add 11 free stretches for gift.

Rarity Collect Master level cards with 5 rarity levels. Meet the TCG high value collector’s choice.

Groups were formed and chats were stimulated during the pre-order period to discuss strategies, share and collect illustrations, as well as more collections of Sprite peripherals.

And the Reborn spirit as their name suggests, guards the reborn Phoenix Force for Earth.

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