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Comparison of the Largest Pokemon in Pokemon Go: Top 12 Picks to Boost Your Gameplay

Are you a fan of catching huge Pokémon that can overshadow buildings, or do you want to have the strongest creatures in your team in Pokémon Go? Either way, having the largest Pokémon in Pokémon Go will give you an edge over other players and a thrilling gaming experience. This guide will take you on an amazing journey to discover the top twelve biggest Pokémon that can be your powerful allies. Let’s dive in. 

Our Top Picks

 1. Groudon

The first spot goes to Groudon, the Continent Pokémon, with a staggering height of 16 feet. That’s almost three times the height of an average human! Groudon is famous for its high Attack and Defense stats, which can be a valuable addition to your team. 

 2. Steelix

The second spot belongs to Steelix, a huge steel snake that measures 30 feet. Steelix may be lighter than Groudon, but its long body will impress anyone. 

 3. Alolan Exeggutor

The third spot is taken by Alolan Exeggutor, a tall and funny palm-tree Pokémon that stands at 35 feet. Alolan Exeggutor’s unique type and moves make it a fun and useful addition to any team. 

 4. Wailord

Wailord claims the fourth spot, the Float Whale Pokémon, with a massive length of 47 feet. Wailord’s size is similar to the majestic whales that swim in the oceans. 

 5. Milotic

The fifth spot is occupied by Milotic, a beautiful and huge water serpent that reaches 20 feet. Milotic is known for its graceful beauty and movements, adding a touch of elegance to your team of giants.

 6. Giratina (Altered Forme)

 Giratina holds the sixth spot in its Altered Forme, a spooky and fascinating Pokémon that stands tall at 14 feet. Giratina’s ghostly appearance makes it a striking sight in the midst of battles.

 7. Lugia

 The seventh spot goes to Lugia, the guardian of the seas, with a height of 17 feet. Lugia flies majestically through the skies of Pokémon Go, with wings that can supposedly cause a 40-day storm. Lugia’s silhouette is a sight to behold. 

 8. Rayquaza

The eighth spot belongs to Rayquaza, a sky-high serpent that stretches up to 23 feet. Rayquaza’s green, scaly body moves elegantly through the skies as it fights enemies. Rayquaza is not only one of the tallest but also one of the most powerful Pokémon in the game.

 9. Eternatus

 The ninth spot is taken by Eternatus, a fearsome and gigantic dragon that looms over many Pokémon with its 100-foot height in its Eternamax Form. However, in Pokémon Go, it’s slightly smaller yet still menacing. 

 10. Kyogre

The tenth spot is claimed by Kyogre, the Sea Basin Pokémon, a colossal force to be reckoned with. Kyogre may not be tall at 14 feet, but its presence in battles is undeniable. 

 11. Dondozo

In 11th position comes Dondozo, a Water-type Pokémon introduced in Generation IX. It is a giant piscine Pokémon with a body that resembles a sushi tray. It is loyal to Tatsugiri and acts as its subordinate, protecting it inside its mouth from enemies. 

 12. Dialga

Last but not least in our list of the largest Pokemon in Pokemon Go is Dialga, a dual-type Steel/Dragon Legendary Pokémon introduced in Generation IV. It is said to control time and appears in Sinnoh-region myths as an ancient deity. It can transform into its Origin Forme while holding an Adamant Crystal. 

Comparison of the Largest Pokemon

Do you know that making comparisons is a human instinct?

People often compare their favorite heroes and game characters for a variety of reasons. These comparisons allow them to express their preferences, connect with specific values, draw inspiration from their role models, and simply enjoy some fun and entertainment. While some may be curious about height comparisons, others might find interest in factors like weight, appearance, and more.


And now, for some extra fun, let’s compare the heights, basic stats, and characteristics of these Pokémon for a better understanding. Having one or more of these tall Pokémon in your collection will spice up your gameplay. Their height and appearance make every encounter an epic adventure.


Pokemon Height Comparison Table

Name Gender Gen Type Height Weight Category
Groudon Genderless Gen 3 Ground 16 feet 999 kg Continent
Steelix 50% female,

50% male

Gen 2 Steel | Ground 30 ft 400 kg Iron Snake
Alolan Exeggutor 50% female,

50% male

Gen 1 Grass | Dragon 35 feet 415 Coconut
Wailord 50% female,

50% male

Gen 3 Water 47 feet 398 kg Float Whale
Milotic 50% female,

50% male

Gen 3 Water 20 feet 162 kg Tender
Giratina (Altered Forme) Genderless Gen 4 Ghost | Dragon 14 feet 750 kg Renegade
Lugia Genderless Gen 2 Psychic | Flying 17 feet 216 kg Diving
Rayquaza Genderless Gen 3 Dragon | Flying 23 feet 206 kg Sky High
Eternatus Genderless Gen 8 Poison | Dragon 100 feet 950 kg Gigantic
Kyogre Genderless Gen 3 Water 14 feet 352 kg Sea Basin
Dondozo 50% female,

50% male

Gen 9 Water 39 feet 220 kg Big Catfish
Dialga Genderless Gen 4 Steel | Dragon 17 feet 683 kg Temporal


Which is the biggest Pokemon in Pokemon Go?

Ans. The legendary Pokemon, Eternatus, is the biggest Pokemon in Pokemon Go. It towers at 100 ft.


Which is the largest Pokemon?

Eternatus, which is introduced in Gen 8, is the largest pokemon ever.


What is the XXL Pokemon in Pokemon Go?

In Pokémon GO, trainers can now discover XXS and XXL Pokémon sizes. They can use the new Size Record feature in the Pokédex to track their smallest and largest catches.


Do XXL Pokemon make a difference?

Certainly, XXL Pokémon have a notable impact in Pokémon GO. Trainers can now utilize the size record feature within the Pokédex to monitor their captures of both the smallest and largest Pokémon.


This guide to the tallest Pokémon in Pokémon Go is a passport to a thrilling and exciting gaming adventure. Every battle with or against these titans becomes a story of legend, resonating through the Pokémon Go community. So, get ready, trainers, and start your adventure to catch these tall Pokémon and become a part of the legend!

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