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You've got questions? We've got memes! Check out all the creative, wonderful, and head-scratching questions you can ask with memes right now!

Have any questions? Ask away with these hilarious memes!

The internet has a lot of questions and a lot of memes. Unsurprisingly, the two often get combined for peak content. Memes about any questions are always guaranteed to make you chuckle. 

From the hard-hitting, real-life questions to fandom-based questions, these memes always provide an answer. Are they good answers? It depends, but they’re all hilarious so it’s fine. 

Of course, this cross of questions and memes occurs most often on Twitter. We asked through the threads to find the best memes about questions. Get ready to get your answers and dive into these memes about questions. 

Drink it? 

We sure hope not! 

Happy or plot? 

The question weighed with thousands of tears . . . . 

Coding things?

Sorry to all the coding people! We bet this question gets old fast . . . . 

Mental health? 

Just be honest, dude! We support you! 


That should be obvious, but alas . . . . 

Do or no? 

*Looks away because we know this won’t end well.* 


Truly a powerful question for our generation. 


If you hear that, grab your D20 and pray


Don’t question this majesty


Again, seems obvious, but . . . . 

Have any other fun memes about questions? Drop them below in the comments! 

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