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Nicole is a fan of stories. She loves seeing them unfold in her favorite fandoms such as Marvel, Arrowverse, and 'Lucifer'. While watching new fandoms and shows unfold, Nicole can't wait to see what stories to tell you all about next!


Despite the joy of the news of Jon Kent’s Superman coming out, a few are not happy. Get ready to retweet and dive into Dean Cain’s issues with

The latest 'Halloween' movie with Jaime Lee Curtis had its premiere and Curtis made it a scream! Get away from Mike Meyers and dive into her costume!

Marvel fans are getting well fed with content for Marvel's 'Eternals' recently. Witness the beginning of everything and dive into these reactions! 

Yes, you read right, Superman is going to be coming out as bisexual in the comics! Grab your cape as we dive into Superman’s future coming out!

'Riverdale' season 6 is perfectly fitting for spooky season as a familiar witch is coming to town. Get out of Greendale and dive into this crossover!

The reviews for the new Nintendo Switch OLED are in and they are mixed to say the least. Power up your console and dive into these reviews!

Shane Dawson has returned to YouTube, so naturally the memes are flowing. Get ready to save these to your phone as we dive into these Shane Dawson memes!

We decided that now was the time to highlight some great TikTokers that we can't live without. Start scrolling as we dive into our 10 favorite TikTokers. 

Bank of America announced that they have raised their hourly wage to $21 for their U.S workforce. Dive in to see what it may mean for the