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Want to keep your mind and your card game sharp? Get your decks ready as we dive into the best solitaire games online to help you keep your game going! 

Where can I play solitaire games online for free?

Bored at home? Want to keep your mind and your card game sharp? We have a few options if you want to play solitaire games online free! Solitaire is an easy game to find online, but these sites have the best solitaire games online that you can play for free, giving you an edge over . . . . well, yourself. 

Solitaire is a fun, easy game to pick up that can help keep your mind sharp whenever you’re bored or on the go with nothing to do. You can grab a deck of cards and find a way to play in person, but usually it’s easier to find free solitaire games online to help you learn on a computer, as most sites give you a quick rundown of the rules. 

We searched the internet for the best free solitaire games online so you can start learning & playing. Get your decks ready as we dive into the best solitaire games online to help you keep your game going! 


This first website is easy to find and free to play if you’re new to solitaire! With a few quick clicks you can get started on a game quickly. With a variety of types, you can start playing right away with only a few clicks. 

The site is great for learning tips and strategies if you’re a first time player. Alongside that, you can easily see the moves, pass throughs, and your stock as you play right at the bottom of the page. Alongside solitaire, the website has a great server for Sudoku and Yahtzee, so if you want brain-teasers, this site is for you. 

If you’re new to the game and need a simple website to learn, this is the place for you! But if you’re a more advanced player, we’ve got you covered with our next pick. 


This site is a premium site for solitaire. From classic to spider solitaire, this site has several versions of the game for those who want more of a challenge. If you want hours of playtime, this is for you. 

The site also has a page of tips and tricks of how to play, giving you the edge to win this game of skill. If you want more options, the website has a whole page of other strategy based games as well, such as Jewel Shuffle or Bridge. 

So, if you want to keep your mind and playing strategies sharp, this is the site for you. Advanced players, get ready to play if you swing by this site! If you’re always on the go, though, don’t worry; we still have you covered. 

If you want solitaire on the go, this last site will work well for you! has a wealth of online games, but solitaire is their most popular. With a quick, easy setup and a whole page of tips, this works as a great site for players who are always on the go. 

If you need refreshers on the rules, the page below the game has you covered, reminding you of the basics including that to win, you need to onto your Foundation piles and that this game requires quite a bit of patience. 

If you need a site that will let you play on the go or need a site that’ll give you a refresher, this one is definitely for you. Grab your decks, look over your stock and get ready to play! 

Have any other good websites where you can play solitaire games online for free? Let us know in the comments before we start a new game! 

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