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Nothing has a tighter grip on our minds than movies about murder mysteries. Here are just a few of the real life crimes committed based on these movies!

From ‘Scream’ to ‘Jennifer’s Body’: Murder mysteries inspired by movies

Murder mysteries have always fascinated us. From true crime stories to mystery novels, the idea of the mad killer versus the hard-boiled detective has gripped our imaginations in every medium we can think of. But nothing has a tighter grip on our minds than movies about murder mysteries. 

From Scream to Jennifer’s Body, these movies about murder mysteries have kept us on the edge of our seats for years. Unfortunately, for some people the thrill of these movies about murder mysteries weren’t enough, causing a few of the famous true crime cases the internet is still unraveling. 

These cases are as plentiful as the movies that inspired them, but a few of these tragedies stick out considering the popularity of the movies about murder mysteries that inspired them. Here are just a few of the real life crimes committed based on movies about murder mysteries. 



This horror movie classic is full of gore, thrills, and twists that still live on our screens every Halloween (and after that). A huge success back in the mid-1990s, the film grew a cult following, but some in that following took the wrong idea from this famous slasher franchise. 

Daniel Gill and Robert Fuller saw the film before deciding to stab a 13 year old friend of theirs. Mario Padilla, who was only 16 years old, killed his own mother with his cousins help after seeing the film, dubbing his case the Scream murder. Thierry Jaradin wore the iconic Ghostface mask as he stabbed a 15 year old girl with kitchen knives, the murder inspired by the bloody film. 

The list goes on as more films are added to the franchise. An American judge once described the film as “a very good source to learn how to kill someone” according to The Guardian. Considering how many copycat killers have arisen from the film, we can’t help but agree. 

Child’s Play 3 

Another iconic horror series, Child’s Play gave us the terrifying horror juggernaut of Chucky, the murderous doll who only wanted to play. Unfortunately, this idea of deadly toys has inspired some events that are not appropriate for kids. 

In 1992, Suzanne Cooper was brutally murdered by two older women, who tortured and burned her before she died of multiple organ failure at the hospital. The film was cited as inspiration for the murder alongside of inspiring the murder of toddler James Bulgar by two 10 year old boys that next year. 

This was around the time of the culture wars, in which violent movies and music were used to explain troubled teen behavior. No matter the cause, Chucky’s legacy is painted in more blood than what we’ve seen on the screen. 

Interview with a Vampire 

The star studded classic based on the Anne Rice novel of the same name has drama, sexual tension, and of course Brad Pitt. Unfortunately, the blood isn’t just spilling into the waiting mouths of the vampires on the screen. 

In 1994, Daniel Sterling and his girlfriend Lisa Stellwagon went to see the film in theatres. The following day, Sterling threatened to kill Stellwagon and drink her blood. He proceeded to stab her seven times and drank her blood. Thankfully, Stellwagon survived with Sterling going to prison shortly after. 

“I was influenced by the movie. I enjoyed the movie,” Sterling said at the time. “But I cannot sit here and blame the movie.” No matter who is to blame, all we can say to such a bloodthirsty crime is yikes. 

Did we miss any crimes inspired by movies about murder mysteries? Let us know in the comments below! 

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