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Good vampire movies are few and far between, thanks to ridiculous subgenres involving romance and werewolves. Care to see some of our favorite flicks?

Sink your teeth into these timeless vampire movies to watch

Nearly a decade later since their release, people still like to associate the vampire film genre to the Twilight Saga alone, disregarding some pretty classic vampire flicks that paved the way for Bella & Edward. 

We are sick & tired of the general movie-going audience sinking their teeth into the vampire genre and poisoning its veins with a ridiculous love triangle of a human, vampire, and a werewolf. Even as lovers of the horror genre, bestiality is too much for our liking, which is why we’re choosing to talk about some of the more classic and better  vampire movies to have come out over the years.

We choose to ignore some of the more timeless vampire flicks that have been around for decades, such as with Bela Lugosi’s 1931 monster smash Dracula, Interview with a Vampire, or even The Lost Boys. Enough has been said of them leaving little room to add. Instead, we’ll loosely examine some of our favorites. Care to waltz with us down this full moon night? 

What We Do in the Shadows

2014’s What We Do in the Shadows is a vampire mockumentary, directed by and starring Thor: Ragnarok’s Taika Waititi and Flight of the Conchords’s Jermaine Clement.  This brilliant piece of vampire satire even warranted a spin-off series, currently in its second season and available to watch on Hulu. 

The film tells the tale of two vampire roommates who deal with modern life within the evolution of society, all while proving to a young hipster why being a vampire is cooler than it appears. The film is funny, original, and daring, three attributes that are typically associated with a Taika Waititi film. If you haven’t seen it yet, you simply must.

30 Days of Night

This 2007 horror flick told the story of a small Alaska town, preparing for their annual polar night, where the sun goes into hiding for thirty long days, blanketing the small town in the shadows. However, things grow even more terrifying when a band of blood-sucking vampires arrive in the town to feast on the residents.

The film stars Melissa George, Josh Hartnett, Danny Huston, Manu Bennett, and the always enjoyable Ben Foster. 30 Days of Night was directed by David Slade, who actually tried to cut his teeth once more in the vampire sub-genre with Twilight: Eclipse, a film which many Twilight lovers will concede might be the worst of the franchise. D@mm!+, we’re talking about Twilight again! 


Hopes are high for the MCU faithful regarding Mahershala Ali’s upcoming Blade film, and much of it has to do because of the success of the 1998 original, starring Wesley Snipes

The film tells the story of a half-mortal, half-immortal antihero who is dead set on avenging his mother’s murder and ridding the world of vampires once and for all. Unlucky for Blade, these vampires have advanced with the modern technologies of the world and aim to uncover Blade’s special blood type to raise an evil God and destroy the human race. Sounds like both sides are pretty pissed at one another.  

This film spawned two Blade sequels, which also starred Wesley Snipes as the sword-wielding savior of the human race from those bloodthirsty vampires. 

Van Helsing

Director Stephen Sommers followed up the success of his two Mummy films with 2004’s Van Helsing, starring Hugh Jackman & Kate Beckinsale.

While this film isn’t exactly the best vampire movie ever made, it is a fun Halloween tradition for many households, which sees Hugh Jackman as the titular character, burdened with the task of hunting down some of the world’s most dangerous monsters, including the Wolf Man, Frankenstein’s monster, and the sinister vampire Dracula. It is a monster’s tale within the popcorn genre, and we’re here for it. 

What are some of your favorite vampire movies that you would recommend checking out? Are there any on our list that you’ve seen? How excited are you for the upcoming Blade movie starring Mahershala Ali? Were you a fan of the Twilight movies when they first came out? Comment below and let us know your thoughts. 

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