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Dracula Day demands that people celebrate the quintessential spellbinding genius of Dracula in his many forms. Naturally, the best way celebrate is to throw on any one of

We live in a time where the humble movie monster is being recycled, rebooted, and rejigged in a myriad of new and exciting (and occasionally) terrible ways. However,

In celebration of the new vampire hit (and the return of Somerhalder to the genre), we’ve ranked the 26 best vampire TV shows and movies of all time

With the ‘50 Shades’ franchise having smashed $1 billion worldwide, we thought we’d dig into the most atrocious book-to-screen adaptations in cinematic history – proving that some stories

Director and writer Robert Eggers and actress Anya Taylor-Joy rejoin in yet another remake of Nosferatu, this time a Studio 8 production written and directed by Eggers himself. Bram