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With every Super Bowl performance comes a plethora of memes, no matter what. Check out the most hilarious tweets about The Weeknd's halftime show!

The Weeknd’s Super Bowl performance: All the best memes

Out of all of the Super Bowl Performances, The Weekend has to have one of the most memorable. From the music to the spectacle, it’s no surprise that The Weeknd’s Super Bowl Performance is still talked about online even today. 

Of course, like all famous things, memes have continued to spring up about The Weeknd’s Super Bowl Performance. These memes, much like The Weeknd’s music, are catchy and amazing to see. 

Of course, we picked out our favorites of the memes about The Weeknd’s Super Bowl Performance. Grab your sunglasses as we dive into the memes about The Weekend’s Super Bowl Performance!


You sound great, dude!

Minecraft time

Gotta love the Minecraft community!

Look familiar? 

Definitely a similarity there . . .


Honestly? Mood.


If you squint . . .


It is pretty hard to top that . . .

Best part 

Memes are the best part of anything, honestly . . .

Is it true? 


Shakira, Shakira 

Certainly left an impression . . .


How are you guys so talented?! 

Have any other great memes about The Weeknd’s Super Bowl Performance? Drop them below in the comments!

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