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Are you looking to become a master chef in Minecraft? Learn how to cook all sorts of different plant products with our cooking guide.

Minecraft Cooking Guide : Plant Products Edition

If you’ve recently started playing Minecraft, then that means that you’ve come across different food products, and probably had a go with gathering ingredients and cooking food.

In this article we will show you most of the plant product recipes so you can improve the quality of your food as you play.

How to Cook Food

Before we begin going through the recipes, let’s discuss cooking.

The cooking process involves either crafting new food from previous ingredients or smelting food using a Furnace, and recently after update 1.9 using a Smoker, as the Smoker now cuts down the cooking time by half, making it a much more efficient option.

If you don’t know how to create a Smoker, read this Smoker Minecraft guide.

Cooking food will enhance its effect and even remove some negative effects such as the Hunger Effect some food induces such as the Raw Chicken.

Plant Product Recipes

Plant products can be turned into many different dishes in Minecraft which will benefit you greatly throughout your journey, these recipes include:


Creating bread requires aligning three Wheat in a horizontal line on the middle-line grid.


Cooking a cake requires 3 Wheat, 1 Egg, 3 Milk and 2 Sugar units, place top row with 3 Milk, the bottom row with 3 Wheat, place the Egg in the middle and the Sugar on either side of the Egg. Whoever said the cake is a lie?


Cookies come in a special deal, you provide 2 Wheat and a Cocoa Bean, and you get 8 Cookies!

Golden Apple

Golden Apples provide more than just replenishment to the food meter, it provides your character with buffs such as Regeneration II and Absorption.

It is created by placing an Apple in the middle grid, and surrounding it with 8 Gold Ingots.

Enchanted Golden Apple

Apparently Golden Apples aren’t the epitome of Apples. Enchanted Golden apples provide more buffs than the Golden Apple, including Regeneration II, Absorption IV, Resistance, and Fire Resistance.

To create an Enchanted Golden Apple, place an Apple in the middle grid and Surround it with 8 Blocks of Gold.

Golden Carrot

Although Golden Carrots don’t provide status effect such as the Golden Apple. However, they are the second most nourishing food in Minecraft as they heal 6 Hunger Points each.

To cook a Golden Carrot, place a Carrot in the middle grid and surround it with 8 Gold Nuggets.

Baked Potato

To bake a Potato, go to a Smoker or a Furnace and place the Potato inside, and add fuel (such as coal) in the lower grid.

Pumpkin Pie

In the crafting table add 1 Pumpkin, 1 Sugar, and 1 Egg in this exact sequence to create a Pumpkin Pie.

Mushroom Stew

To cook a Mushroom Stew, place 1 Brown Mushroom next to a Red Mushroom on the first line grids, and place a bowl in the center grid.

Rabbit Stew

To create a Rabbit Stew

In the first row, place 1 Baked Potato in the first box, a Cooked Rabbit in the second box, and a Bowl in the third box. 

In the second row, place 1 Carrot in the first box and a Mushroom (either type works) in the second box.

Beetroot Soup

To create a Beetroot Soup place 6 Beetroots in the top two grid lines, and a single Bowl in the lower middle grid.

Suspicious Stew

To create a Suspicious Stew, add one Brown Mushroom, one Red Mushroom and a flower (different flowers will result in different status effects) in the top row grid, and place a Bowl in the middle central grid.

Popped Chorus Fruit

To cook a Popped Chorus Fruit, simply cook the Chorus Fruit using a Furnace or a Smoker.


There are two ways to create Sugar, which include using a Sugar Cane which produces 1 Sugar, or using Honey which produces 3 Sugar units. Both involve using the crafting menu.

Melon Seeds

Melon Seeds are created by placing a Melon Slice in the middle center grid in the crafting menu.

Pumpkin Seeds

Place a Pumpkin on the first grid in the crafting menu to get Pumpkin Seeds.

Dried Kelp

To produce Dried Kelp, simply cook the Kelp using a Furnace or a Smoker.

Honey Bottle

Go to a bee nest, (these are found in Plains, Flower Forests, and Sunflower Plains biomes), select a Glass Bottle, and hold the Glass Bottle next to a bee nest.

Watch out, taking honey will result in surrounding bees to attack you.

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