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Have a best friend you want to laugh with? Laugh at these memes we've found that will have both of you rolling on the floor.

Celebrate your best friend in the best way: With these great memes

Like Donkey tells Shrek, “you’ve got to have friends.” If you’re lucky you get to have a best friend, a partner in crime, keeper of secrets, and breaker of chains. BFFs keep us going when family, work, and even ourselves fail us. 

To celebrate here are some of the best memes to share with your best friend. 

FBI Open up

If you lead our best friend on, we will find you. If you troll her with a mean comment on an Instagram photo, we will find you. If you breathe on her wrong, we will find you. We have a very particular set of skills. 

All the adjectives

If anyone asks us about our platonic soulmates, we are the first people to hype them up. We will pull out a dictionary and pick out every positive word that describes them because that is our job and gosh darn it, they would do the same for us.

All the expletives

That being said we will also call them out on their sh!t and say goodbye by flipping the bird. Also, we will hardly ever compliment them to their face but we know that they know how much we f***ing love them.

Ain’t no river wide enough

However, we will move heaven and earth if our best friend needs us. No matter how much we are stressed or involved in our own stuff, we will drop anything to be there for them.

Destined to be friends

They say some friends come into our lives for a reason, a season, and a lifetime. With best friends, being the demon spawns from hell that keeps us sane they will still be there when hell freezes over. 

Kill them all

When someone steps to our BFFs, we will cut you. The red wedding will look like a church service compared to the bloodbath that occurs when someone crosses your best friend in front of you. 

We are family

The ultimate reward for a best friend to get is to be adopted by her BFF’s family. There is no higher honor than being forced to do chores alongside your besties because you aren’t a guest anymore.

Your best friend becomes a part of you. It’s like they are absorbed into part of your DNA. So your good is their good, your bad is their bad, and your inappropriate doesn’t phase them at all.

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