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What’s a more simple joy than seeing the face of a smiling pup? We’ve fetched the best funny dog memes Twitter has to offer.

Need to destress? Laugh at these funny dog memes on Twitter

Are you in fear of losing the last vestige of sanity you have, merely by existing through the current year of 2021? You’re not alone. 

2020 was tough, and 2021 is showing itself to be just as difficult – the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic haven’t exactly slowed down as millions of people around the globe continue to struggle with unemployment, the unstable political climate, and personal illness as well as that of friends & family.

During these strange & uncertain times (if we have to hear that one more time . . . ),  distractions are welcome, nay, imperative for a morale boost. Streaming TV & movies is a great way to take our minds off the troubles of the world, but sometimes it’s best to keep it simple. What’s a more simple joy than seeing the face of a smiling pup?

Man’s best friend has been our savior long before we adorned them with cringey names (“fur baby” must stop), and today pups save our brains from the flames of depression with funny dog memes on Twitter. We’ve fetched the best funny dog memes Twitter has to offer, so throw us a bone and take a look.

He thinks he’s people

Sometimes our good boys & girls remind us of ourselves and funny dog memes come to deliver the best moments of reflection on Twitter. In this dog meme, we remember what it was like to go out, back when that was a thing.

Speaking of going out, when we dress to impress, it’s hard to ignore the glow up. This dog meme shows us that sometimes it’s totally necessary.

Here’s an example of a more timely pick from Twitter’s vast collection of funny dog memes. Facetime is a poor substitute for hanging out IRL, but we’re still grateful to be able to yuck it up with friends.

With so many working from home, people will definitely relate to this dog meme about phoning it in during the workweek. Just make sure your camera only shows you from the waist up.

For dogs by dogs

With these funny dog memes, we get a window into the mind of our beloved pets. Here’s one for when it feels like Spike understands you when you say it’s time for a W-A-L-K.

Cat lovers, shield your eyes: this meme ain’t for you. When we talk about maybe bringing a feline into the mix at home, we can only imagine this is what our dog is thinking.

Funny dog memes & dad jokes collide in this twofer meme. You know, because dogs dig up the yard (get it?).

Here’s a dog meme that’s the envy of all other dogs; while the pack is running in circles, our boy here has done the impossible.

Dog lover’s club 

Here are some funny dog memes strictly addressed at those for which dog is life. Who needs friends when I have my pups?

Strict dog parents just won’t understand this meme. Why shouldn’t my BFF be allowed to sit next to me for my latest streaming binge?

If you didn’t like the last meme, you’ll hate this one; for some dog owners, no human surface is off limits.

Finally, we have a dog meme that says it all when it comes to ownership. It’s a thankless job, but someone’s gotta do it.

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