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Here are all the other, far more effective, social media platforms every filmmaker should be using instead of Facebook.

Log in to Twitter and get ready for some serious inspiration from those behind the camera – here are the filmmakers definitely worth a follow.

We have a few social media suggestions for you to increase your coverage, viewership, and profits with far more success than Facebook.

Being a filmmaking genius can be a lonely life. With more social media sites than ever before, there are plenty of platforms to help you connect.

Throughout Film Daily’s journey to save our favorite shows from the ashes of cancellation, we’ve had the immense privilege of reading some incredible, life-affirming stories from fans around

When it comes to period dramas, we like them to be decadent, dirty, and utterly devastating. 'Versailles' is exactly that (and then some), so we were heartbroken to

This last week has seen online streaming services adopt some very questionable marketing tactics. Now the future of television and film distribution seems intent on following the groundwork

The Shadowhunters saga took a turn over the weekend as the dedicated fandom travelled to the San Diego Comic-Con to save their venerated show. In case you have

When the sci-fi series Timeless dropped on NBC back in 2016, it was hailed a smart time travel drama with a solid future ahead, however, the show was