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Who's a good puppy? Start 2021 with a laugh by revisiting all the funny dogs that filled your Twitter account with joy last year!

Best reason to have a Twitter account: All the iconic dog tweets from 2020

2021 is finally here! What better way to celebrate the new year’s arrival than by reliving 2020– Wait, wait, don’t run away! We meant reliving 2020 via the cutest dog photos that graced your Twitter account. Enjoy this gallery, and start the next twelve months properly!


Was this bowl empty when the doggie first found it? Did the plants grow around him? How long has he been there?

Comfy aftermath

We were thinking it looked like the puppy had been fighting The Hulk but an anime slugfest works too.

Dog ‘fro

If you owned this pup, wouldn’t you set this photo as your profile picture on your Twitter account?

Mazel tov

It’s hard to argue against the evidence, your honor.

Doing her part

In case you’re concerned, checking on this Twitter account’s follow-up will show you the puppy only wore the mask for the photo. After that, she self-quarantined.

Catch some Zs

When was the last time someone built you a bed? Dog’s have it made.

I saw it all, officer

Now, is the puppy in trouble or is he getting someone in trouble? We’ll have to check the police officer’s Twitter account to get the full story.

Traveling in style

Imagine being Donnie Darko’s dog and thinking this is the normal way to travel.

Updated Manhattan Project

Everybody keep tabs on this little guy and let us all know when he starts developing superpowers.


Dogs might be the only animals that can get away with having their own selfie setups. Has the puppy started a Twitter account?

Nice chompers

Where can you get one of these? You can’t post this picture to your Twitter account without attaching a link to the online store that sells them!

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