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The 2020 Census results are finally in, and already, states are gaining and losing representation. Find out if your state is gaining or losing a House seat here.

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It's been a crazy year with many crimes coming to light. Uncover even more with our list of outrageous true crime stories from 2021 so far.

Is it March already? Twitter is commemorating the year anniversary of lockdown, and our feelings of dread, with these relatable memes.

Who's a good puppy? Start 2021 with a laugh by revisiting all the funny dogs that filled your Twitter account with joy last year!

Entertainment went online in 2020. Check out how new technology & streaming services helped people get through this year.

2020 was a complete dumpster fire. Can you remember every meme from every calendar month? Refresh your memory here!

The news in 2020 was jam packed with crazy headlines. Find out how well you remember everything with our surprisingly tricky quiz!