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The news in 2020 was jam packed with crazy headlines. Find out how well you remember everything with our surprisingly tricky quiz!

Fake news or real: How well do you remember the madness of 2020?

The year 2020 has been a news cycle to remember – except so much has happened we’re just physically incapable of retaining it all. From absolutely nightmarish to verging on the comedic, the real headlines of 2020 have made parody & satire almost obsolete.

As 2020 begins to draw to a close, we looked back on the news headlines of the year and decided it was time to test ourselves. Can you remember everything that happened in the news this year? Our quiz contains real headlines from 2020 & 2019 – along with some fake ones. It’s your job to figure out if the stories we remind you about actually happened in 2020.

Be sure to tweet @FilmDailyNews with your results. We want to know if you scored better on this quiz than our writers who actually covered the news from this year!

Test your memory! Are you a human database for 2020 headlines?

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