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2020 was a complete dumpster fire. Can you remember every meme from every calendar month? Refresh your memory here!

Relive 2020 through jokes: A meme calendar you need to see

Since the Australian bushfires in December 2019 and Kobe Bryant’s tragic passing in January 2020, the signs were there. This was going to be a dumpster fire of a year. 

As 2020 draws to a close, we either can’t help but breathe a sigh of relief, or holding our breath waiting to see if next year will be worse than this year. Either way, here’s a list of every terrible, rotten, weird, or in some cases . . . wonderful memes we made to commemorate 2020. 

If you can’t keep track of what happened between January & December of this year, and your 2020 calendar was just “Marprayjulgustber”, we have you covered with a timeline of this year’s memes. 


Our 2020 calendar started going rotten well before the year began. Bushfires ravaged Australia, turning the Land Down Under completely red. The second this happened, we all screamed “you were the chosen one!” like Obi-Wan Kenobi realizing Anakin went to the Dark Side. 

RIP Kobe

We lost a legend at the beginning of this year. And yes, until the end of time, we will think of Kobe every time we send a paper wad sailing through the air into a trash bin. 

Then . . . COVID

Soon into the new year, we came to the main event. The reason our calendars got nuked into oblivion – COVID. In the U.S., the first case was diagnosed in Washington in January. By March, states were ordering lockdowns. 

When we tell our grandkids about this year, we’re going to tell them we had to roll around the wastelands looking for hand sanitizer & TP, Terminator style! 

Hand sanitizer

Who knew by March hand sanitizer would be worth more than gold? 

The great toilet paper shortage

Although COVID is a respiratory disease, people ran out and bought toilet paper like they had the runs! 

The apocalypse we got

As we were stuck in the house and were in the house stuck, Netflix unleashed a masterpiece fit for 2020. Only in this calendar year could such a show exist. Where do we start? Rotten Walmart meat? The worst murder-for-hire plot ever? An interview in a bathtub? We could go on & on. 

Release the murder hornets! 

Wait, what?! First a pandemic, then this?! 2020, you may be giving us meme material, but please keep killer insects off our calendar! 


Only in 2020, the year after we “stormed” Area 51, could the government confirm the existence of UFOs and nobody batted an eye. 

Alien memes

Just when we thought alien memes were so 2019 though, more cropped up. Aliens, this is a bad year to pencil in “invade earth” into your calendars. Or if you do come here, take us with you! 

More wildfires

This time, California and the rest of the U.S. West Coast turned into a hellscape. Cue the “this is fine” meme. 

Back to where? 

September rolled around and what’s on every parent, teacher, and student’s calendar? 

No good choices, that’s what. Back to school’s a pain in a normal year, but even during a pandemic, kids gotta learn. 

By October, we were sick of it

Might as well just summon a giant meteor and end this horrible year. Or maybe the moon from Majora’s Mask, we don’t care. 

But wait, there’s more! 

Remember that thing we have every four years in the U.S.? You might have missed it if you live in a cave and the political canvassers can’t reach you. And like back to school in September, well . . . yikes.

Taking forever

To make matters worse, Election night lasted for a week. 

Have yourself a COVID Little Christmas

It wouldn’t have surprised us if Santa just decided to stay home this year

COVID round 2? 

When you thought things couldn’t get worse, 2020 put a new strain of COVID on our calendars. 😫

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