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What's with all these sightings of mysterious objects? Suppose UFOs are real. Does that mean aliens are too? See some of our thought provoking info!

It’s not hard to find the craziest topics on Reddit, but have you checked Reddit reports on UFOs? Here are the wildest stories.

Gary McKinnon is a Scottish hacker who is popularly known for conducting the biggest cyberattack in American military history ever. Where is he now?

Will we ever be able to take a trip away from earth? Has our government found real UFOs? Meet the woman who convinced our government to take them

Have there really been videos of UFOs surfing through the web? Is our government investigating these sightings? Let’s fly up and investigate!

When we imagine aliens, there’s a stereotypical image in our heads. You know: little green men. Here are the wildest aliens in movies and TV shows.

Are you a skeptic or do you really believe we're not as alone as we think we are? Check out these videos of UFOs here that may change

American intelligence officials released a much-awaited report recently. Does this footage prove UFOs are real?

New videos released show more close encounters with UFOs from the Navy. Keep your eyes peeled for these new videos of some very close encounters.