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Is this the UFO test we have all been waiting for? Let's dive into this cosmic conundrum and the legislative steps being taken to crack it.

Are UFOs real? Reddit has been weighing in for years: Their hottest takes

It’s not hard to find the craziest topics on Reddit, but have you checked Reddit reports on UFOs? The site has a thread centered specifically on the website! The informative site features a world map with location markers of where UFOs have been reported.

Of course, Reddit users have been heavily discussing this website and all of its UFO stories. Each eyewitness account is given an official case number for future reference. Here are some of the most fascinating cases of UFOs being discussed on Reddit!

October 21st, 2019 – Saint Francis, Maine

Case 111922 includes a short video taken at night of two pairs of odd lights. A hint of blue-colored light can be seen in the video giving an unfamiliar appearance. Although the video is short, it’s definitely impressive. 

The uploader commented, “We were watching a meteor shower in [a] field across the road from my home. All of a sudden there were very strange lights like little orbs popping in the direction of what we saw . . . it was triangular with lights that seemed to be at each point.”

They added, “2 lights were hovering above the triangle . . . It went as quickly as it appeared . . . I videoed it and would hope for someone to be able to solve this mystery of lights.”

April 22nd, 2021 – Canterbury, New Zealand 

Case 114885 shows a video of what seems to be two silver orbs moving & rotating in the sky. Shining & metallic, the orbs could also be seen as balloons, but the shape & movement of the unidentified objects remain strange.

The witness wrote, “Object came from the east drifting toward the west. appeared to have two parts that were rotating kind of like bike pedals. There was no sound that I could hear but it reflected the sunlight as it was a very sunny morning.”

They continued, “Eventually, it just disappeared from view. If I hadn’t been on my way to work I would’ve chased it for longer. People are saying it’s probably balloons but it didn’t look like balloons to me!”

May 11th, 2020 – Laredo, Texas

Case 115411 contains a fascinating video of a bizarre red light in the night sky! What makes the light so strange is its movement. The red light seems to perfectly glide in the sky unlike any aircraft we’ve seen before.

The user commented, “There was a thunderstorm going on and I saw what looked like orbs flowing each other one red one white I did not record those but managed to take a pic of them and the one I recorded came after it was flying straight then it would stop then it continues its path it was really windy that day so it was not a drone.”

August 7th, 2018 – Brooklyn, New York

Case 93961 is fascinating not only for the strange images – but also for its eerie story. The witness reported they hadn’t even noticed the unusual lights when taking the picture. Simultaneously, an intense storm was taking place in the area, and while the storm could explain the lights, the account makes this plausible explanation seem less likely.

The user wrote, “It was a normal day at my job, at some point I go to take my 15 minute break. I step out to get some air and walk down the block to have a smoke. the first thing I notice is a weird feeling inside me, something felt “off” like being watched. at this moment, dark storm clouds are making their way above and then past me.” 

They added, “ . . . the sky looked amazing but also odd so I took photos, two exactly . . . I look at my phone and someone commented about the lights and I’m like which ones? then I look at my photo and see them. I look up and see no ufo, I go back to my phone and that’s when the weather got weird. 

“ . . . there was at least 10 strikes within the immediate area, intense electric feeling. I then made it back to safety indoors and studied the pics, only to spot two more showing in my Snapchat photo. two things strike me as very odd. the whole time I was facing the direction of the ufo looking right at it.” 

They continued, “Yet, my eye did not capture it but the lights are bright in the photos . . . the invisibility to the naked eye is telling me that this is something or someone very much didn’t want me to see or have/ the second thing that strikes me is how almost immediately after realizing I had documented a ufo sighting, the lightning went absolutely crazy . . .”

What do you think about these insane stories of UFOs going around on Reddit? Are they real or fake? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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