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Will we ever be able to take a trip away from earth? Has our government found real UFOs? Meet the woman who convinced our government to take them seriously!

Has the government finally found real UFOs? A journalist may have an answer

According to the late Carl Sagan: “The significance of a finding that there are other beings who share this universe with us would be absolutely phenomenal. It would be an epochal event in human history.” According to possible findings of “real ufos”, we just might be closer to that event than we thought. 

Curious minds have always pushed to bring scifi to life, and perhaps their progress is steady. What if one day, aliens and other worldly civilizations are no longer a thing of fiction? Many people will have to completely change their ways of thinking, and it might even set our society over the edge for a little bit. But we’re strong! We’ll move past it and live in a real life Futurama

After all, there are billions upon billions of galaxies housing planets in habitable zones which are basically Goldilocks worlds (meaning, they’re not too cold, not too hot for life, they’re just right.) There’s definitely life on earth, why can’t there be life elsewhere?

What if one day, we could take a road trip out of the earth? Somehow through the stars, maybe? And what if the first step to that future was the discovery of things like real ufos?

Independent Journalist

Who says one person can’t do anything? In 1999, one woman forced the U.S. government to take UFOs seriously. Independent journalist Leslie Kean received a ninety-page report on supposedly real UFO sightings seen by military & commercial pilots. Once she published her first story about their reported sightings, she couldn’t stop thinking about it, and she was hooked for life on the possibility of real UFOs. 

The document, titled UFOs and Defense: For What Must We Prepare Ourselves? was published by the French military. 

Kean told The Guardian, “. . . Generals and admirals saying that they think it’s likely that we’re being visited by craft that are extraterrestrial . . .  they didn’t say they could prove it. But they said it’s a very good hypothesis for what they studied for three years.”

When she received the document, Kean was working as an on-air public radio host in San Francisco. Upon first approaching editors, Kean didn’t even want to use the word UFO, given the established discredit of the subject. She referred to it as a mere report on “usual aerial phenomenon” or UAPs. It took Kean half a year to find a journal interested in working with her. Alas, she found The Boston Globe

Department of Defense

About twenty years later, Kean talked hypothetically about the U.S. military and government leaders having an open dialogue regarding these strange sightings of flying objects. Today, that hypothetical has arrived. 

An unclassified report to Congress on supposedly real UFOs is due on June 25th. The Department of Defense’s director of National Intelligence accounts detailing the unidentified UAPs seen by military pilots. This is the U.S. government’s clear and verifiable information of its kind ever released to the general public. 

New York Times bestselling author

Leslie Kean is known as the New York Times bestselling author of UFOs: Generals, Pilots, and Government Officials Go on the Record. Having been widely published in many newspapers & magazines such as The Boston Globe, Huffington Post, and The International Herald Tribune, Kean remains an independent investigative journalist. 

Her work includes the documentary, I Know What I Saw, that gathers a collection of interviews conducted by the world’s most credible UFO witnesses. The movie also unveils deeper details of investigations done by analysts and other government officials into UFO sightings. 

Investigative journalist Leslie Kean has opened the door for more research, and who knows where this research will take us? Will we find real UFOs one day? Do you think you already have? Let us know below in the comments!

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