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American intelligence officials released a much-awaited report recently. Does this footage prove UFOs are real?

Was government footage taken of UFOs real? Read the latest report

American intelligence officials released a much-awaited report recently which concluded that there is not enough concrete evidence to support the claim that unidentifiable aerial objects that have been sighted over recent years are UFOs. Despite this conclusion, the same officials also say they still cannot determine what the objects are. 

Over the last two decades, more than 120 incidents have been recorded that include reports of objects flying in the sky of an indeterminable nature. The recently released report does confirm that the objects did not originate from any U.S. military or government technology but does not offer an explanation for what else they could be. 

While the government is saying that the objects can’t definitively be labelled as alien spacecrafts, they’re also saying that they can’t rule it out either. The unclassified report is expected to be released on June 25. Here is what we know about the findings.


A lot of the 120 incident reports came from U.S. Navy personnel. In 2014, a Navy pilot reported an incident where he nearly collided with an object of unidentifiable nature. While an incident report was filed, it wasn’t an isolated incident. From 2014 to 2015 an unidentified object appeared in the sky on an almost daily basis. According to pilots, these objects had no visible engines but could reach 30,000 feet and reach hypersonic speeds. 

Video footage exists of pilots watching in amazement as an unidentifiable object flies over the ocean. In the video, pilots can be heard wondering out loud, clearly flabbergasted, questioning what they were witnessing. 

The Department of Defense has quietly been collecting reports like this for over thirteen years now. The data has been documented by the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program by the Pentagon.


Over the years, many people have tried to explain away the objects in the sky by stating that they are weather balloons or some other kind of science research balloons. Despite this seeming like a logical explanation, the report does state that this doesn’t line up in all the cases. Officials stated that changes in wind speed at the times of some of the encounters rule out that possibility. 

It has also been suggested over the years that the government actually does know what these objects are, and are hiding the truth from the public. There is a section of the final report that will remain classified and will not be released publicly. Officials said that this annex of the report does not contain concluding evidence that the objects are in fact spacecrafts, but the fact that the annex will remain classified does nothing to quell those who suspect the government has intel they are not sharing. 

The report does suggest that some intelligence officers believe that at least some of the encounters could be linked to technology from China or Russia. The report says vehemently that whatever the technology is, it is definitely not American. It was suggested that officials fear that China or Russia is experimenting with hypersonic technology.

Hypersonic technology

Hypersonic technology refers to aircraft, missiles, rockets, and other crafts that can reach speeds in the atmosphere faster than Mach 5, which is nearly 4000 miles per hour. Russia believes that this technology makes it possible to evade American missile technology. The country is allegedly invested heavily in this domain. 

China has also made no secret of the fact that they have invested in hypersonic technology as well. The report suggests that if some of the unidentifiable encounters were, in fact, with Russian or Chinese aircrafts, that would suggest that those nations’ development of the technology far outpaced American development. 

While the report does suggest this is a possibility, firm confirmation that this is the case is not expected to be present in the publicly released document. Watch this space in the coming weeks to learn more about the highly anticipated release of this report. 

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