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One of the consequences regarding Tiger King was the closure of Joe Exotic’s zoo. How much damage was done on Exotic's old zoo?

Is Jeff Lowe making Joe Exotic's 'Tiger King ' animal park an even bigger mess? What's behind the Department of Justice's lawsuit?

Comedian Andy Dick has already had quite an impressive career, and he keeps it alive with his latest show, a parody of 'Tiger King' called 'Tiger Dick'.

Convicted felon Joe Exotic has asked for a Presidential pardon from President Donald Trump. What does Donald Trump, Jr. have to do with it?

Joe Exotic's husband, Dillon Passage, was recently arrested. Here's what happened and what it means for him.

'Tiger King' themed costumes were all the rage this Halloween. Here are celebrities and fans who dressed up as Joe Exotic or Carole Baskin.

Carole Baskin just revealed that she's bisexual – and Jane Lynch seems excited about it. Here are memes reacting to the weird thirsting.

'Dateline' on NBC specializes in deep diving into true crime stories both solved and unsolved, but can the show figure out what happened to Don Lewis?

Doc Antle is the latest ‘Tiger King’ star to have legal troubles. The zoo owner has been charged with fifteen counts of animal cruelty.