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Our new article is about how to survive a move before New Year's Eve and organize it into a cozy, atmospheric celebration.

Moving on New Year’s Eve

What if you planned to move in the second half of December? It’s troublesome and romantic at the same time. Celebrating the coming year in a new apartment, as if with a clean slate, is very symbolic. But there is a risk of overshadowing the celebration by the lack of usual household amenities. 

Our new article is about how to survive a move before the New Year and organize it into a cozy, atmospheric celebration.

Planning ahead

At the end of the year, the number of moves in major cities is growing rapidly. Everyone wants to leave the troubles and worries behind the outgoing year, complete renovations, conclude a deal for the purchase and sale of housing, draw up documents, and cope with the move. 

Moving companies traditionally have more work to do. Plus the usual pre-holiday rush, traffic jams, and bustle. Therefore, plan your move in advance, at least a couple of weeks in advance.

Collecting what you need

Basic human needs do not depend on the date on the calendar. In order to feel comfortable in your new home in the first hours and days after moving, it is important not to forget about a change of clothes, toiletries, a snack, a first aid kit, bed linen, and so on.

The main thing is to pack essential items in separate boxes and carefully label them. On a moving day, make sure these boxes are loaded into the car last. Then they will be the first to appear in the new home; they can be immediately unpacked and the contents used.

Stocking up on gifts

To ensure that all family members find the surprises due to them under the tree, it is better to take care of this in advance.

If small valuable gifts such as jewelry are expected, then it would be better to transport them yourself. Large items such as household appliances can be delivered directly to your new apartment. If during the move you still need to transport something large and fragile, then delegate the shipping packaging and all concerns to the specialists of the moving company Brooklyn movers.

Organizing the space

Complete unpacking may take a long time, up to several weeks or even longer. Therefore, it is worth carefully considering how to arrange furniture and boxes in your new home. Take care of sleeping places for all family members, and organize a safe space for children to play or pets. And don’t forget about the New Year – a Christmas tree, a festive table, comfortable seats.

Try to completely clear at least one room of boxes. Select a room or just a corner where you can store things.

Creating an atmosphere

Do you always put up and decorate a Christmas tree, but don’t have room for it now? Choose a small tree – a live Christmas tree in a pot or a decorative tabletop option. Are you used to the flickering lights? Prepare several garlands in advance. They can be placed on top of boxes, on window sills, attached to walls, or to curtain rods. And if you place the garland in a transparent vase, you will get a real installation. 

Interior stickers, Santa Claus figurines, or artificial snow can also help you quickly decorate your home.

Setting the table

If the new house already has a kitchen, good. But if not, don’t rush to get upset. You can prepare snacks and salads, or you can “rent” kitchen space from friends or relatives who live nearby. The easiest way is to order ready-made meals at a trusted restaurant.

Along with the New Year’s decor, pack dishes suitable for the holiday. A beautifully set table decorates the home and sets the mood.

Going on air

What does the new year mean to you? Favorite music, old movies, blue lights? In any case, you will need technical equipment. Think about the details – for example, to hang a TV on the wall, you will need a drill.

It’s also worth worrying about connecting to the Internet or setting up digital TV in advance. If you rely on mobile Internet, check the network speed and connection quality.

Decorating ourselves

A pair of festive shoes, some makeup, or your favorite jewelry will create the right mood. It’s better to think through and pack outfits for the New Year separately, so as not to waste time and effort searching through dozens of boxes. And in order not to be bothered by washing and ironing, you can prepare dresses or suits in advance, and transport them in a wardrobe box – neatly and easily.


So, everything is in your hands. If you think through the details in advance without haste and get into a festive mood, the celebration will definitely be a success.

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