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2020 has, without a doubt, been a dumpster fire of a year. Here are some of our favorite funny 2020 memes to describe this year.

2020 memes: The embodiment of this dumpster fire of a year

2020 has, without a doubt, been a dumpster fire of a year. Nobody has been unaffected, and nobody is having much fun. It feels bleak. Some days it even feels scary dystopian novel bleak. 

With a number of heartbreaking celebrity deaths, the pandemic, highly fraught politics, national & international protests, and more, the world is in a period of chaos that the history textbooks will look back on in awe.

So, what does the internet do? Well, it makes memes to cope of course. Laughter and making jokes is a coping mechanism for fear, grief, and discomfort so the internet has a slew of relatable memes which serve not only to make us feel less alone (since we’re all dealing with the crazy of 2020 in some form or another), and also bring a little laughter into our day.

Here are some of our favorite 2020 memes.

The 2020 infomercial

We don’t want more! We are not paying $19.99 a month for three months for this year!

Time to go

This time traveler picked a bad time for a pitstop.

Pit of despair

This is a very long chapter, maybe we just skip to the end? Just this once, we promise.

What waits in the shadows?

Maybe 2020 is a horror disaster movie, not a dystopian . . .

Big oof

This meme actually just made us sadder; spilled food is always heartbreaking.

It is the year of the rat

Remember this, apparently, prophetic meme? On January 1st, everyone was sharing this meme as a joke. Little did we know it would age worse than a jug of milk in the sunshine.

Matthew McConaughey

We can’t even remember if something specific happened on June 9th . . . everything is a blur.

Shh we won’t tell

You’re working from home and the world is sometimes literally on fire these days – we won’t tell if you don’t.

This feels familiar

If this is a time loop y’all need to stop messing around and figure out how we can end it.

At least we have memes

We totally read that in his voice.

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