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Is it March already? Twitter is commemorating the year anniversary of lockdown, and our feelings of dread, with these relatable memes.

It’s already March? Share our confusion with these relatable memes

It’s been a wild ride, one that seems far from over, but we’re coming up on a full year since lockdown began in the U.S. in March 2020. As Americans across the country struggle with the concept of time, we prepare to flip our calendars to the dreaded month that sent us down the rabbit hole of our new COVID-19 reality last year.

Is your head about to explode realizing how much time has passed since you said goodbye to live music, hugging, and hitting the club? You’re not alone; people across the country have taken to Twitter to air out their disdain in the form of March memes. We’ve compiled our favorite March memes that best capture our confusion & anger at the upcoming COVID-19 lockdown year mark to help ease the pain next month.

Processing March

The most popular of the March memes to come out of Twitter are those about how we’ve just begun to process last March, as March 2021 is about to tear into us any minute. This meme presents the format perfectly.

This zombified cut from Twitter’s processing March memes shows just how we all feel – March 2021 is just adding insult to injury.

This cut from Twitter’s March memes is for people who haven’t even begun to process March 2020; when we get a grip, we’ll start processing.

Versus memes

Some of Twitter’s March memes bring us back to the strange feeling of when lockdown began in 2020. Remember quarantine in March 2020? It was sort of fun at first, but that was a long time ago.

When lockdown started, we baked, we knitted, and we strictly followed our at-home workout routines. A lot can happen in a year, and March 2021 came at us fast.

Where would a new Twitter meme be without the Joker? This one captures how the last year has worn us down like white makeup fading to a stale gray.

March again

Seeing March come up again on our calendars is proving to have a true numbing effect on many Americans across the country. Why does March 2021 feel so much like March 2020?

The Pink Panther captures our flabbergasted sentiments when it comes to March 2021; how is it already March again?

Affleck memes have never been put to better use; March is back.

We leave you with some of the most perfect expressions to capture how defeated we feel as March 2021 approaches; our new reality is still happening, and all we can do is trudge along, clinging to our pick-me-ups.

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