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Will the third time be the charm for the United Kingdom? Laugh away the stress with these hilarious lockdown UK memes.

The UK Lockdown is back: So are all of the top-tier memes

Will the third time be the charm for the United Kingdom? Prime Minister Boris Johnson must hope so, given he just put the UK under yet another lockdown – the third since the COVID-19 global pandemic hit the country. Now that there are two vaccines in play, however, UK citizens may be finally seeing some light at the end of the tunnel.

Or are they? A quick look through Twitter gave us a bunch of UK lockdown memes that reflect all sorts of states of mind.


Oh, yeah, that look. We all know that look. The look that says “the UK is in lockdown again.”


Of course! The Journeymen had the key to surviving the UK lockdown all along!


At least this tweet is assuming the world will still be standing by 2035, so that’s mildly optimistic.


Why would you do Dry January at any point during a global pandemic, UK lockdown or not? That’s when you need alcohol the most!


Oh, no. Haven’t we learned anything from past toilet paper shortages?


We’ve all been stress-eating over the past ten months or so. How many calories are in that desk?


You know you’ve hit rock bottom when you compare yourself to Mark Wahlberg in The Happening. Might be better than channeling Wahlberg’s anger from The Departed though.


Then again, some people have blossomed under the mandatory quarantines, UK lockdown included. This must be how introverts feel.


Looks like not all exams were canceled due to the UK lockdown. But now all those students have fewer distractions so they can focus on preparing for the tests. It all works out!


We believe this woman might have figured it out. Does Amazon have the power to end the UK lockdown?

What are your thoughts surrounding the latest rules and restrictions for the UK? Has BoJo messed up yet again? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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