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"Unlock the mystery of a galaxy not-so-far-away with 'Star Wars Outlaws'. Explore shades of gray narratives & fan rumors, from lightsaber duels to dramatic turns. Don't miss out!"

Will 'Bad Batch' season 3 soar or sink into Star Wars oblivion? Find out—and taste the tea—as fandom excitement and dread brews over the fate of this series.

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Is the creator of Star Wars creating a new monster of controversy in his latest appearance on Epstein's list?

The suspense is real, but is it with the cast as well? Let’s see what the cast itself thinks about the series and if it will be the

Let's take a dive into how Ber Kreischer's net worth may have taken a few cues from Star Wars royalty Mark Hamill!

When it comes to finding the perfect gift for a science fiction aficionado, nothing quite matches the allure and excitement that a lightsaber can offer.