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Is Katy Perry releasing new songs with Pokémon? Get the dish on her single

Welcome, Pokémon trainers! As you may have heard from Twitter, musician Katy Perry might have some more Poké-treats just for you! In addition to the song she announced earlier this year for Pokémon25, Perry might have some new Pokémon-inspired songs later this year. 

That said, we scoured the site, we pored through Katy Perry’s tweets, and we came up nothing – except for one of her anticipated songs, “Electric”, she announced last January. For now, Katy Perry’s continuing to work on American Idol, encouraging her Katy Kats to get out and vote for their favorite idols & songs. And Pokémon is still celebrating its big, twenty-fifth anniversary. 

So grab your Pokéballs and strap on your walking shoes, because we’re going to go on an adventure into Pokémon25, and we’re also on the hunt for Katy Perry’s new Poké-single. 

Alola trainers! 

In celebration of Pokémon’s twenty-fifth anniversary, Pokémon is pulling out all the stops. Each month, they’re also highlighting a specific region of the Pokémon world, and this month, it’s the Alola Islands. Alola is a special region in Pokémon because it has variations on your old favorites like Alolan Charizard, who was black & blue and is an ice/flying type (still not a dragon for some reason). 

Alola’s starter Pokémon were Rowlet, Litten, and Popplio, an owl, cat, and seal Pokémon. Of course, the franchise is putting a special spotlight on these starters. But still . . . no Katy Perry. 

The official site announced an entire album featuring new songs was coming this fall, featuring Perry, Post Malone, and J Balvin. Post Malone already has a single out which didn’t exactly crush the internet, but it’s still out there, unlike Katy Perry’s Pokémon single. 

Katy is coming

Then, Twitter blew up when @loveperrysk announced the hashtag #KatyPerryIsComing surpassed over 80,000 tweets and counting despite getting no – you read that right, zero, zilch, nada – no love from marketers for her Pokémon song, “Electric” beyond the earlier announcement in January. 

After some digging, we discovered it appears to be sad, but true. Fake remixes of Katy Perry’s Pokémon songs only got over 30,000 views on YouTube on its official page, and a lyrical version of the fake only got over 50,000 views. Trailer or fakes, for a megastar like Katy Perry, that’s dismally low. The official pokemon trailer, on the other hand, got 1.6 million views. 

So, amid the Alola announcement from Pokémon, @loveperrysk and his army of Katy Kats want the “Electric” announcement today! Enough about Postie or J – they want Katy Perry songs today! 

It’s “Electric”

It’s abundantly clear Katy Perry & the Pokémon soundtrack need some love while Pokémon25 is going on. The trailer for the entire soundtrack – also featuring Post Malone & J Balvin – which will be released this fall, can’t be the only goodie we’re getting from the Pokémon music world until then! 

True, we got Post Malone covering the 90s Hootie and the Blowfish smash hit “Only Wanna be With You” at the Pokémon virtual concert broke nearly 200,000 views on the lyrical version alone. The smooth, synthetic vibes do make us feel like we’re on Alola, but we can kinda understand Katy Kats’ frustration with all Postie and no Katy 😿

But the question remains – will Nintendo hear the “Roar” of 90,000 Katy Perry fans and deliver news of new songs? Will Pokémon? Will Perry herself? 

Meanwhile, Katy Perry’s telling her Katy Kats about the twists & turns they can expect on American Idol tonight, and Pokémon is plugging episodes on Twitch. Only time will tell if we get any word on Katy Perry’s new Pokémon songs soon. 

Do you think we should’ve heard Katy Perry’s Pokémon single by now? Let us know in the comments! 

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