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Do you have a favorite Pokémon? Thanks to Ash Ketchum we know there's a lot more than just Pikachu. Here's the most popular Pokémon in the world!

Study Reveals The Most Popular Pokémon In Countries Across the World

It’s been two decades, and yet, Pokémon remains relevant to this day as one of the most noteworthy franchises within the gaming industry’s confines. Whether you’re an admirer or some crazy alter-ego of Ash Ketchum trying to adulterate the main storyline by procuring Pokémon ROM hacks – and everything in between, Pokémon has got something for every anime freak out there (including us). 

Two and a half decades later, to be exact, and people still can’t get the most of it. Standing on the verge of its 25th Anniversary – we have curated some data on “Most popular Pokémon in countries around the globe.” 

It’s about time you fasten your seatbelts and grab your Pokéballs because we are about to catch ‘em all!


Nintendo & Game Freak are the two mammoths in the history of the gaming industry, period! In the summer of 1996, they released Generation 1 with 150 Pokémon for the Gameboy. Since then, over 700 Pokémon have been introduced, with season 8 being the latest quirk to their franchise! 

On the contrary, Generation 1 Pokémon remains the most fan-favorite among the whole series. Having said that, ever wondered which Pokémon is the most popular amongst the different continents around the globe? If so, you’re in luck! 

Analyzing the Google search data helped us figure out the most popular Pokémon across the continents. Looking closely at each of the countries helped us decipher the most favorite Pokémon location-wise geographically, and the results were quite baffling!

It’s an absolute no-brainer that Pikachu is the most dominant Pokémon globally- accounts for approximately once in every ten related searches worldwide! Local preferences have emerged differently from country to country. Several fandom fragments have come to light in various locations – owing to the Google Search Trends data. 


In Europe, the spoon-bending psychic type Pokémon Abra is the most fan-favorite- procuring 2.7% of the total related searches worldwide. The rock type Golem is also a famous monster among the fans, next to Abra! 

North & South America

The International release of the series hit the States in 1998. Since then, the US holds the most extensive fan base of the series – worldwide! The Ghost-poison type Gengar is the most popular, which secures a pretty impressive search volume of 2.6% globally- ranking as the most uniquely popular Pokémon in North America! South America is home to some biggest Pokémon fans.

Peru & Chile rank 5th in the highest-grossing fandom list. Brock’s mascot Rock-type Serpentine Onyx is far and away, the most popular Pokémon of South America!  

Middle East & Asia

Among the Middle East & Central Asia countries, Pokémon is most prevalent in Israel, UAE, and Turkey. Pikachu steals a whopping 25.6% of the total volume of the related searches in the Middle East & Asia combined. After our adorable Pikachu, the psychic-cat type Mew accounts for the most enticing Pokémon in the region. 

Last but not least, the place where it all began – The rest of Asia & Oceania. Pokémon has been Epicentric to Asia since sliced bread – witnessing the site of the most considerable fanbase in the world! 

Owing to the Google Trends data, Japan, South Korea, Nepal & Taiwan are the most promising Nations with their unique group of Poké-heads choosing Pikachu to be their most favorite of all time! Mew makes a pretty good competitor next to our beloved yellow fluff-ball. 

Most popular Pokémon 

Throughout most of the series’ 25-year history, several Pokémon have originated as fan favorites. Although many would anticipate which Pokémon is the most prominent alongside yellow of its kind, today, the prominence of some Pokémon is truly astounding!

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