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'Lucifer' was Netflix’s most-watched show for nearly a month. What do Lucifans have to say about #SaveLucifer? Let’s see why they want in a season 6.

#SaveLucifer: Why fans are fighting for ‘Lucifer’ season 6

The cancellations of 2018 shook the bingewatching world to its core as many beloved shows ended up on the chopping block. Some were able to get a special or a few more episodes for closure, while others are still looking for some kind of ending. A few lucky projects even got saved by another network.

When Lucifer was picked up by Netflix after being axed by Fox a year ago, fans were ecstatic their favorite fallen angel would continue to enjoy his retirement for another season. However, in June 2019 Netflix and executive producers Ildy Modrovich & Joe Henderson both released statements revealing the show was renewed for a fifth and final season.

In one stroke, what can be given can be taken away again. Of course the fans aren’t happy. Although it seems like this time Lucifer is ending rather than being cancelled, there are still so many stories to be told featuring the devil himself. Therefore the fans did what they do best: they started the #SaveLucifer campaign.

So far the #SaveLucifer crowd has started a petition that has over 45,000 signatures so far, with over 35,000 views of the hashtag on Twitter since the announcement. They’ve also helped Lucifer become Netflix’s most-watched show for nearly a month – no small feat. Even Chloe Decker (Lauren German) herself has tweeted out to encourage fans to fight for a sixth season.

What do Lucifans have to say about #SaveLucifer? Let’s see why they want a sixth season.

Amber Packham

“I heard in an interview a while ago that the writers thought that Chloe and Lucifer would get together at the end of season 5. So maybe this is what they all feel is best. Either way, I’m very happy that we will all have closure.”


“Of course we want another season after season 5. Ending Lucifer after just two seasons on Netflix seemed a bit rushed. How would they be able to fit everything into just one season? Having a 6th season would help everyone cope better with the loss of a very beloved show.

“Furthermore, when Netflix said ‘as the creators intended’: I call MAJOR bullcrap. For anyone who watched the Q&A on Instagram, they themselves would know that this is false. When they were asked about how many seasons they would want before the show ended, they themselves even said six seasons, therefore proving that this most likely was Netflix’s sole decision.

Last August in response to fan outcry Netflix picked up fantasy police procedural 'Lucifer' for a fourth season, set to premiere Wednesday, May 8th 2019.

Last August in response to fan outcry Netflix picked up fantasy police procedural ‘Lucifer’ for a fourth season.

“Besides, why would you end such a successful show that got so many fans flocking to Netflix because they desperately wanted to see the show continue? Did they not see the numbers, how Lucifer was the most bingewatched show on Netflix for the entire month of May, and continues to be?

“Besides, aside from the raunchy humor, Lucifer sends a very positive message: anyone can be redeemed and become a better person.”

Corinna Riffner

“I’d rather have a show with ‘only’ 5 seasons but with a proper ending, than a show that goes on for 8, 9 or 10 seasons with poor writing and an unsatisfying ending! I’m glad we got 2 more seasons and now the writers have the opportunity to finish it the way they wanted it, ‘cause they know its going to end…so I’m happy with this decision :) thx Netflix for two more seasons <3”


“Let’s give [Lucifer and Chole’s] friendship a season 6 #LuciferSeason6 #SaveLucifer”

Shispiya Deb Roy

“Why is this show is facing so much cancellation from everywhere? Can’t they see the public response? Grateful to Netflix but also kind of pissed off that this is going to an end soon.

“This is a lovely show! I still don’t get it. What is the inside story? So many crap shows on Netflix going on since forever, and they’re busy cancelling such a nice series!”


“I want more! This is not my typical taste in television, but I quickly joined #TeamLucifer after the first few episodes and now I’m hooked. I feel lost without it. I need so much more! Please, @Netflix save @LuciferNetflix! #SaveLucifer #LuciferSeason6”

Michael J. Pennachio

“I am both happy and sad about this. Happy that we get the conclusion we all (wait for it) truly desire. But I’m also sad that the show is ending because it has been so entertaining. Thank you to everyone on the show for being so great!”


“NO, YOU ARE NOT ALONE!! #Lucifer is 2 good 2 let go!! There is NOTHING out there like it, across the board! It’s one of a kind & has helped me & impacted my life in so many ways, as it has for so many others & I WILL FIGHT & DO EVERYTHING I CAN TO #SaveLucifer”

Valdirene Smith

“I don’t understand! Why bother to pick up just to make 2 seasons? Very disappointing Netflix ?”


“Hello #LuciferFans I am tweeting this in hopes that this amazing show continues on @LuciferNetflix. There are so many stories that can be told. Make this show so enjoyable to watch! #SaveLucifer”

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  • I love this show, and it is a shame that it had such a short renewed life. I had such hopes that we would be able to enjoy several more seasons. Please Netflix don’t end Lucifer and please continue with more seasons. Netflix you did a phenomenal job with the new Lucifer seasons!! I implore you to Please continue with more seasons.

    September 2, 2020
  • I have so enjoyed show …..please don’t end it …I am watching it From start again ….That’s how much I love it …. I never would have figured when fans do
    Love it … why cancel it makes no sense to me ……

    October 9, 2020

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