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After the showrunners of 'Lucifer' asked us to keep the fires stoked, here are all the reasons why the show should continue on Netflix for S5.

Here’s why most-bingewatched ‘Lucifer’ needs a season 5 on Netflix

According to the Binge Report, Lucifer yet again sits at the number one spot as the most bingewatched show on Netflix for the 3rd week in a row.

It comes as no surprise to us that our favorite handsome devil would be granting audiences favors all over the internet and maintaining his grip on the bingewatching habits of Netflix users. Not only is Lucifer killing it on our TVs, he’s also slaying over at social media with the #Lucifer hashtag trending as the third-most popular TV hashtag, according to Neilsen.

After the showrunners of Lucifer asked us to continue keeping the fan support fires stoked in light of their renewals talks with Netflix, here are all the reasons why Lucifer should continue on Netflix for S5.

It’s all about real diversity

What other show so clearly shows people of all races, persuasions, and species trying to get along? Angels & demons learn to love humans; humans learn to accept angels & demons; and a rich character base from different backgrounds, with different sexual identities, learn to understand each other.

Lucifer’s writers address prejudice and the idea that you can’t judge a book by it’s cover pretty much every episode. The show never feels like it’s trying to get across political issues – it’s just a narrative that naturally forms from basing the action in a melting pot like Los Angeles.

The acting is incredible

Tom Ellis as Lucifer performs with exactly the right type of broad for the role. It’s obvious he’s having incredible fun hamming it up as the Devil hiding in plain sight.

D.B. Woodside starring as his brother Amenadiel delivers a thoughtful multi-layered performance which perfectly counteracts the over-the-top Ellis. He delivers a standout performance in S4E6, when Amenadiel is given room to explore the topic of race in America.

Lesley-Ann Brandt delivers one of the most pitch-perfect performances on TV as Maze. Not only is she a skilled assassin and warrior, she’s a complex character coming to terms with her place in the world. Maze has been a woman on the verge of an existential crisis for several seasons; in S4, it was great to see her own her truth. We’re excited to see where Brandt takes this character in future seasons.

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Aimee Garcia has transcended her role as Ella. What started off as a “geeky sidekick” has become something much more. Ella really spirals in S4 after she questions her faith, and we got to see what a deep character she has become.

Rachael Harris as psychologist Linda has always provided great comic relief as Lucifer’s foil. It’s through her that we see what Lucifer is really thinking, and realize how totally insane many of his natural reflexes are (for our society). 

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As the seasons have progressed, it’s been great to see Rachael’s personal relationships grow. We can’t wait to see her and Amenadiel coparenting a very special baby in S5 and beyond.

Lauren German has done a great job throughout, portraying a strong – yet vulnerable – woman. She showed us tremendous range in S4 when Chloe is conflicted about working to send Lucifer back to hell. Because she’s been hurt before, she demonstrates how cautious she is when it comes to relationships. 

We think German deserves a lot more screentime over coming seasons, in which she can lean into her relationship with Lucifer. Hopefully they both can eliminate their demons.

The storylines just keep getting better & better

Although many fans are dismayed by Netflix’s shorter season lengths, no one can argue about the great content opportunities offered up with more creative freedom. We’d like to point out the nudist colony-themed episode and of course “Orgy Pants to Work” as prime examples.

Because Netflix gives the Lucifer team more wiggle room with adult content, we have absolutely no idea where those saucy writers will take us next – and we can’t wait.

It could run & run & run

The sky is not the limit for Lucifer. Within the current story arc, we could find ourselves in the depths of hell or up in the heavens for future episodes. The police procedural element also leaves us open for a whole load of future cases – you only have to look at the continued success of shows like CSI or NCIS to see the potential Lucifer has to continue for many happy years.

It’s got one hell of a dedicated fanbase

Netflix or any other network would be lucky to have Lucifans supporting their network. They’re loud, they’re proud, and they’re totally dedicated to their show. We’re betting Lucifer fans have raised awareness of Netflix more than any other marketing activity has over the past 12 months.

If Netflix doesn’t renew Lucifer, they need to be prepared to wave goodbye to a boatload of subscribers and all the other new subscribers the Lucifans will evangelize on behalf of the platform.

Don’t delay, Netflix: renew Lucifer today or you’ll have God himself to answer to.

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