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It’s confirmed! Netflix's 'Lucifer' season 5 released the long-awaited trailer for part one. Here's everything we know about season 5.

Our theories confirmed: Everything to know about ‘Lucifer’ season 5

It’s confirmed! Lucifer season 5 released the long-awaited trailer for part one. Oh boy! So much stuff happened in that trailer. We’re definitely going to break that down along with everything else we learned from it about the first eight episodes of Lucifer season 5 that got confirmed. 

Why? Well, we had theories and wish lists for characters to see in Lucifer’s fifth season. One of them got majorly confirmed. So sit back, watch the trailer, and let’s break down everything that we learned about Lucifer season 5’s first eight episodes.

Twin theory confirmed!

One of the longest-running theories for Lucifer is that, well, Lucifer (Tom Ellis) has a twin. Part of this comes from the Lucifer comic series where Lucifer and Michael were twins that made up the Demiurge. Seeing as how Lucifer deviates from comics in a lot of ways, fans weren’t sure if this would be the same or not. 

The trailer revealed that the Lucifer, who apparently returns from Hell, is not Lucifer. Tom Ellis gets to play dual roles and bust out an American accent in order to play Lucifer’s twin brother, Michael. Michael’s motivations are odd in that he wants to “steal” Lucifer’s life, so to speak. Or ruin it. 

Gaslighter Michael

Why? Well, that’s a lot more difficult to say. Man, though, Dr. Linda (Rachael Harris) is probably going to have double time therapy, huh? At least, however, it doesn’t look like the ruse will last long. Chloe (Lauren German) seems suspicious along with Amenadiel (D.B. Woodside) and Maze (Lesley-Ann Brandt) flat out knowing. 

The real concern here is that we see scenes of Chloe kissing and having sex with either actual Lucifer or Michael posing as Lucifer. And, oh boy, if it’s Michael, then that has some real bad implications. Like skin-crawling, gaslighting, and flat out bad implications.

So let’s hope those super intimate scenes are with Chloe and Lucifer, yeah? 

Chloe’s not doing well

Chloe is rocking a “break-up bangs” equivalent. (Is it really break-up bangs if you confessed your feelings to a guy and he had to go back to Hell to stop demons from overrunning the Earth?) As she tells Maze and Linda in the trailer, she’s not doing well in the wake of Lucifer’s return to Hell.

She’s throwing herself into work and goes out with Maze, but it doesn’t seem to be helping her much in the grand scheme of things. Now she has Michael to contend with, which she does seem to know when Michael descends looking all angelic with his black wings.

So that should be fun. Poor Chloe, it’s just all celestial nonsense all the time.

Ella and Dan are still in the dark

Hopefully, at some point in season five, Ella (Aimee Garcia) and Dan (Kevin Alejandro) will be inducted into the club of the celestial insiders. In the trailer, however, Ella is angry that Lucifer went away without telling his friends anything. Dan, when he sees Lucifer/Michael, is just as annoyed as ever, meaning that the pair still aren’t on good terms.

So, hey, let’s hope they get into the Celestial Insiders soon.

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